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Mountains loom over the lake, yet the sky looms over the mountains. The branches of the trees are not swaying in the wind, yet the clouds appear motionless. A connection to nature and sense of movement can be felt in these photos by our spring intern Bianca.

We gave Bianca the chance to write about her crazy travels in Alaska and Hawaii and why she chose to Fracture these photos.

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We took a boat tour (in the Glacier Bay Basin, if I’m not mistaken) and were able to get pretty close to the glaciers and mountains, which were beautiful.

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In this photograph we were traveling from one city to another on the train pictured. I wish I could remember where we were headed and where we were leaving. It was a lovely train ride through, around, and over the mountainous terrain.

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Now on to Hawaii and one of my favorite places I’ve traveled. This waterfall was taken at the Akaka Falls State Park in Honomu, Hawaii – which is on the Big Island. It plunges down 442 feet into what seemed to be an abyss, but is an eroded gorge.

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This image of a girl (my sister) walking was taken on our way back to the side of the island that lacked greenery. It’s crazy how one side can be so vegetated and the other so barren. A couple hours driving on the same island and you’re transported to a different time.

Before all that lush greenery sprouted from the rocks that’s all the island was – rock. This was taken in an area that’s in between the two extremes of the island.

Treasuring family vacations, reminding myself to be adventurous and illustrating my love for nature played a role in why I want to remember these moments.

I need to savor the moment and absorb as much as possible.

But I guess if I were to look a bit deeper, these pictures represent an old chapter in my life. Being that I will be graduating soon and my lifestyle and schedule will be completely different from the rest of my family’s – it’s a way of holding on. Everything I know is about to change. I’ll be moving to New York, a thousand miles away from everyone I love, alone and with minimal resources. So I guess these pictures will become more of “home” to me than my four cement walls.

I think it puts into perspective how I’m feeling at this point in my life – nostalgic. I realized I need to savor the moment and absorb as much as possible because ‘this is it.’ Who knows if I’ll ever return to some of these places, and even if I did it would never be just as it was in that moment.

Thank you for sharing with us, Bianca! We love hearing about the stories behind the photos people choose to print as Fractures.

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