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Hollywood couples giving the rest of us some major relationship #goals!

In case you missed all the chocolate, flowers, and red and pink decorations plastered across stores everywhere, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Here at Fracture, we love all things having to do with love. Especially that everlasting kind of love. Hollywood isn’t necessarily the first place that comes to mind when thinking of timeless, healthy relationships. But we’ve managed to round up a list of 10 celebrity couples who make our hearts melt.

1. David and Victoria Beckham

First, we start with a couple who, nowadays, are probably more famous just for being a couple than they are for their respective careers. It’s David and Victoria Beckham of course, because you really can’t talk about celebrity couples without mentioning Posh and Becks. Here’s a couple that’s pretty much been through it all and done it with impeccable style. Somehow they’ve managed four kids, a few cheating accusations, a Spice Girls reunion tour and a big move across the pond when David signed with the LA Galaxy in 2007. Not even a few chatty nannies threatening to spill their secrets could break them up. As if there wasn’t enough proof this couple was still in love, David and Victoria renewed their wedding vows earlier this year.

2. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

No list is complete without American treasure, Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have been together the longest of any couple on our list. Although it’s not his first marriage (it’s his second, her first) we’ll give them a break. We all deserve a second chance, and at least he got it right the second time around, right? They’ve been married since 1988, so after almost twenty-seven years, they’ve got to be doing something right. So right, in fact, that they forced tabloids to retract articles claiming the couple was getting divorced last year. These two support each other through the ups and downs of Hollywood life, from Oscar nominations and snubs to box office hits and busts. Here’s to 30 more years of success and happiness.

3. Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker

Another couple we have to mention is Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick. Married in 1997, they’ve been going strong for almost twenty years now. They almost broke up in 2008 when Ferris Bueller decided he needed a day off (sorry, we had to) and rumors of an affair started swirling in the tabloids. But after three kids and over a decade of marriage, Carrie Bradshaw was too emotionally invested to give up on Mr. Big (again, we had to). Thankfully, they’ve been able to move past those dirty rumors and are still happily married today. Broderick lists communication and never going to bed angry as some of the secrets to their happiness.

4. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

For all you country music fans out there, we have Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. They first met when Faith was the opening act for Tim’s iconic ‘Spontaneous Combustion’ tour in 1996. They married a few months later and now, over twenty years later, they have three kids and a mansion full of Grammys (Grammies?) between them. It almost seems unfair though because, if everyone had their significant other writing love ballads for them on the daily, the divorce rate would likely be significantly lower. Still, it’s not easy having a relationship while being in the public eye, especially when you’re the King and Queen of country music. Divorce rumors have run crazy in the past, but they dusted them off like true professionals and proved their love was stronger than ever.

5. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

Although they’ve only been married since 2012, if you’ve seen any of their interviews since, you know their love is the real deal. Reynolds and Lively were cast as the lead roles in The Green Lantern in 2010, just before Ryan ended his two-year marriage with Scarlett Johansson. Like we said before, second chances and all that. The couple says the secret to their happiness is that they’re friends before anything else. Their beautiful family is hard to look away from, and it’s easy to see they’re genuinely happy with one another.

6. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith

Despite rumors of divorce, Will and Jada have managed to make their marriage last nearly 20 years. The couple has openly admitted that their marriage has been a rollercoaster and that they’ve gone to marriage counseling. But with three kids and the press constantly questioning their happiness, it’s easy to see how it can all take a toll. Will Smith has said the reason they’ve been able to make it through is because they don’t quit on each other. We love their honesty and ability to overcome the odds.

7. Barack and Michelle Obama

Although technically not a “Hollywood couple,” the Obamas have had more eyes on them over the last decade than anyone else on our list. Being in the White House put this couple on an international stage, and now, they look more in love than ever before. We’re glad former President and First Lady never lost their sense of humor while running our country. They make their love look like an ordinary, everyday marriage, which is one of the reasons their marriage is truly extraordinary. We wish them an amazing life post-White House, and a happy 25th wedding anniversary this October.

8. Steve and Nancy Carell

This hilarious couple has kept the laughs coming since their marriage in 1995. The two met in Chicago when Nancy was a student in Steve’s improv class. 20 years of blissful, hilarious partnership later, and we have a lot of great comedy to thank them for. The best friends say they share a sense of humor, and are known for poking fun at each other in interviews. Steve and Nancy manage to not only to inspire fans, but each other as well, and we love them all the more for it.

9. John Krasinski and Emily Blunt

Another young couple (m. 2010), these two are each other’s biggest fans. While we’ll always think of John Krasinski fondly for his role as Jim Halpert, we’re sure Pam would approve of this marriage (P.S. You’ll want to keep reading if you love Jim and Pam as much as we do!). We love hearing the two talk about how it was love at first sight. It’s easy to see how much they love their family any time they talk about their daughters, Violet and Hazel. Not to mention, their hilarious prank war with Jimmy Kimmel every holiday season proves John and Emily are the perfect partners in crime.

10. Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi

Maybe the secret to long-lasting, healthy relationships is an award-winning sense of humor? Comedian Ellen Degeneres and model/actress Portia De Rossi have been together since 2004 and married in 2008. Like many couples on our list, they faced tabloid rumors of divorce late last year. Ellen put those rumors to shame, saying how lucky she is to share her life with her best friend. The couple credits making each other a priority every day as the secret to their success. Their passion for each other, along with their collective passion for helping others, makes our hearts melt.

Bonus: Jim and Pam Halpert

Office fans, we promised satisfaction if you kept reading and here it is. While Jim and Pam are sadly fictional characters, their small-screen love is still giving us some big feels. Like many couples on our list, Jim and Pam are best friends who fell in love in the cutest, nerdiest way. Our hearts nearly exploded when they finally got together after 3 seasons of pure waiting-torture. Many TV couples have a tendency to lose their spark and appeal after they get together. But we loved watching their relationship develop into a true partnership every step of the way. Fictional characters? Yes. Relatable, admirable, real-life #RelationshipGoals? Yes. Our favorite couple on this list? 100% yes.

Did we miss any? Let us know your favorite celebrity couple in the comments!

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