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The view was breathtaking. As the small plane banked sharply, the twinkle of distant lights in the dark night slowly gave way to a majestic site: the U.S. capitol building in all it’s night time glory. Our pilot sat quietly, there was no need for commentary as we swept the Washington monument and the White House. My girlfriend leaned in closer as we passed the Jefferson memorial and over the river. As we banked again turning back east, she leaned into my ear and whispered “Thank you my love”. It was truly a Valentine’s to remember!

If you are thinking to yourself that a plane tour over D.C. this Valentine’s Day might get you more adventure than you bargained for in a post-911 world, you’re probably right. That being said, adventure IS waiting for you right outside of your door, all it takes is a little imagination and preparation. And, those are two key ingredients to what most people find romantic: imagination and EFFORT. So here’s a few ideas on how to come up with your own romantic Valentine’s Day adventure.

Dance Valentine Adventure

1. Get Mom Involved (Mother Nature that is)

I know, I know, you are saying “really? Polar Vortex, HELLO???”. Despite the cold weather, it’s hard to go wrong with an outdoor adventure. Mild weather? Load up the gear and take her camping. Pack a few niceties: wine, a couple of glasses and maybe even a soft, warm blanket for snuggling by the fire. For harsher conditions a trip to the slopes, snowmobiling or ice skating (followed by hot chocolate) are all ways to creatively add some adventure and fun to your Valentine’s day regardless of the weather.

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2. Give Her a Treasure Hunt

Why just take your Valentine out to dinner when you can spice up the evening with a few twists and turns that will be sure to put a smile on their face. Here’s an idea: hide a card under her car seat with romantic instructions on where to drive to continue the adventure. For example, send her to her favorite local coffee shop with a special order and tip your baristas GENEROUSLY to play along. With her drink order have a present delivered, perhaps a nice dress, shoes and a note saying “get dressed and meet me at [insert your/her favorite restaurant]”. Be waiting for her and enjoy!

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3. Move to the Music

Any old schmoe can do dinner and flowers, but what then? Get her on the dance floor! We’re not talking a Night at the Roxbury: it’s time for lessons! Salsa, tango or even swing, a dance class is a fun way to work in some up-close and personal romance time and work off that amazing tiramisu that you shared after dinner.

Dancing not active enough for your healthy partner? Make your dinner reservations for a bit later and hit the gym! Have a hard, flirty workout or tackle something new and challenging together like white water rafting, rock climbing or trail running. Then, you can relax and enjoy a romantic meal and not even have to split the tiramisu.

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4. Fly By Night

D.C. might not be an option, but there are plenty of other romantic flight options that you can take. Napa Valley tours are very popular if you are in the bay area and there are probably several options in your area that feature both day or night tours. Feelin’ particularly adventurous? Why not make the flight one way.

adventure blog post

To be honest the possibilities are endless here, and the keys to success for your Valentine’s day adventure lie in your imagination (and not taking advice from Jimmy Kimmel). The amount of thoughtfulness and effort that you put into the day will be sure to make Valentine’s memorable.

Any other romantic adventures you’ve been on, or planning for this year? Let us know on Twitter!


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