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2014 was a crazy year.  And Fracture had some of that crazy ourselves this year.  We asked our CEO his thoughts on the adventures Fracture had in 2014. Here’s what he said:

“Here it comes…that obligatory “Man! what a year it’s been! Let’s reflect on everything that’s happened….” post.

Well, this isn’t going to be that kind of post. I’m pretty tired – just like the rest of the Fracture team. I just really want to take a long nap – like, a hibernation length nap. But it’s a good tired – the sort of tired you get after coming down from a big adrenaline rush. The holiday season was fantastic – but our rush came from the incredible ups and downs the entire year gave us. From finding new ways to spread the good word about Fracture worldwide to saying farewell to some great team members, the Fracture roller coaster kept taking some hairpin turns.

What makes me feel the warmest and fuzziest is how we matured as a company. It used to be that through every hairpin turn, we’d find ourselves kicking and screaming, scrambling to hold on for dear life. No more – now we see those turns coming, we’re humbled by the fact that we know what we don’t know, and we’re growing up, day by day.

That’s what makes me most excited about the future – I couldn’t be more proud of the maturity and growth of our team, and I’m excited to see us hit another growth spurt in 2015.

Oh yeah, one more tho…zzzzzzzz”

– Abhi Lokesh, CEO

We Made an Infographic! (sort of.)

We like to consider this more of an inPHOTOgraphic, because it’s basically all photos with numbers. Plus we just love photos. These photos were all taken by our photo intern Kristi and they rock. We hope you enjoy this little look back at our 2014!


And in case we don’t see you, Happy New Year!


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