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Here at Fracture, we are definitely noticing a growing trend with recreating old photos, which we find to be pretty awesome. Landon and Maggie are siblings from South Carolina. These photos of them with their arms around each other’s shoulders and bright smiles spread ear-to-ear definitely caught our eye. With the help of their father, they placed this order of Fracture prints as part of a 20th anniversary present for their mother. We caught up with Mike, the proud father of these two, about their experience using Fracture to display their recreation photos.

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Who are the boy and girl in the photos?

The boy is my son Landon. He would have been 5 in the first picture and 17 in the second. The girl is my daughter Maggie. She would have been 4 in the first picture and 16 in the second.

What made you all choose this photo to recreate? What prompted you to do it?

The recreation was done as part of a 20th anniversary present for my wife. My kids and I considered a couple different photos to create, but easily decided that this one was perfect because we could pretty easily match the location and the clothing. Plus, it’s one of our most special family photos.

What are the memories surrounding this photo? What is the relationship like between these two?

This photo has long been a family favorite for a number of reasons. First, it’s obviously very cute. Second, both kids look remarkably like their grandpa Rick and their grandma Sandy. In fact, we’ve always referred to that photo as the “Little Rick and Little Sandy” photo. It’s been displayed on a corkboard of favorite family photos for many years.

How did your wife react upon seeing this photo recreated?

This is a direct quote from my wife about her reaction:“Pure joy! I never expected a gift like this! A re-creation photo was honestly the best present I’ve ever received from my husband and children.

It stirred so many emotions and brought back the joy from their preschool days and to see how much they’ve grown and what beautiful people, inside and out, they’ve become, there are just no words!

I look at it every day, and it will always bring happiness to my day!”

Did the grandparents get to see these too? Did they enjoy it?

Her parents loved it and laughed with joy. They thought it was such a unique and wonderful idea!

Where are you currently displaying your Fractures?

They’re displayed side by side on a wall in our office near several other family photos.


Stories like this family’s are a great example of why we love doing what we do at Fracture. We welcome the opportunity to help people tell their life stories by giving them physical memories of the best moments, faces, and adventures from their life.

A big thank you to Mike and the whole family for trusting us and allowing us to help tell their story!


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Bridget Anderson

Bridget Anderson

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