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Susan Wetstone hired a professional photographer to capture photos of her gorgeous Siberian cats. The results were so adorable she couldn’t resist hanging them up on her wall.

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Sometimes we see really fantastic orders come through that we just HAVE to find out more about. Susan Wetstone’s order was one of these, and she was happy to share more about her high-flying felines.

If you refer to your pets as your children, you and Susan just might get along.

Susan’s “Fracture wall”

Wetstone got her “kids” from a breeder after looking all over the country for Siberian rescues. She wanted Siberians because they are very sociable and hypoallergenic, and she has a cat allergy.

“They follow us everywhere and love to meet new people,” Wetstone said. “It’s a bit like having puppies.

Xander and Willow are from the same litter and before you ask, yes, they were named after characters in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They’re just over two years old, and they’re indoor kitties because there are coyotes living in the bushes outside Susan’s home. But they have a spacious patio they like to watch birds from.

Xander is a world class jumper (that’s him flying after a toy). Willow stays a little closer to the ground, but still can do a mid-air 180. They are also super snuggly and sleep with their parents every night.

Wetstone thought her kids were so beautiful that she had to have some professional shots of them, especially action shots.

“It’s hard to get a bad shot of them,” she said.

She hired a professional pet-photographer, Natalka Kolosok. Contrary to popular belief, the action shots are from playing with them, not tossing them. The photographer snapped them from lying on her stomach.

Kolosok said It was an exciting project for her since she met the family and “those gorgeous cats.” Everything starts with a pet’s personality, and they were inspiring. Every pet is different, so she always tries to meet the pets before she photographs them.

Natalka loves to bring some details to decorate different areas. For this shoot, she used flowers and wrapping paper to build the composition. If you’re looking for cat photoshoot ideas, Kolosk suggests exploring the cat’s favorite spots in the house.

With cats, you need to be patient,” Kolosok said. “Cats are independent so you can’t tell them what to do, you have to follow them.”

Kolosok split the shoot in a couple parts: natural shots and active (play) shots. When it comes to cat photography, it’s best to start with activities to help burn energy and entertain the animal. She said that Willow and Xander were very cooperative and gave her a lot of room for creativity.

“With such [a] stylish and creative family it was hard to stop, you just want to keep taking photos,” Kolosok said. “I am very grateful to Susan and Jeff for asking me to be their photographer!”

Have you had a portrait session for your pet?
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