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Buy a motorhome, travel, and see the country... sound good?

Hey guys, Anna here. In addition to the fun I get to have at Fracture, I’m always looking for a fun adventure (foreshadowing).

Some people are literally living the dream, living a lifestyle so unique and uncommon that you can’t help but say, “How are you living that life?” Brock is one of those people. Not only does he get to see it all, but he also gets to photograph it all, which he is quite good at doing. He’s a big fan of Fracture, so we had to talk to him about his dream life and his love of photography.

My name’s Brock. I work for a company in San Francisco. I’m a director of mobile development for that company, and I work remotely five days a week. In my free time, I love traveling and photography. When I combine those two, I get to take pictures of places that are absolutely incredible.

What drew me to living this nomadic lifestyle was having the opportunity to work full time remotely. We didn’t have to be in any one place, and as we talked about it, my girlfriend and I thought why sit in one place? Why not pack it all up and go on the road? She loves to travel, and I love to travel. So we actually said let’s buy a motorhome, and travel, and see the country.

So we got rid of my house and moved into this motorhome. It’s a 31-foot, class-A motorhome, but we pull a Jeep with us everywhere that we go.

People always ask “How have you not killed each other yet?” because we live in such a small space.

Every single day we remind each other how lucky we are to be able to do this. Some people come into camp that have spent months planning and set up for only two days. Then they have to leave. We don’t leave, we don’t have to. We don’t have to do anything but work during the day.

So we love it because we can take advantage of opportunities and see stuff that people only talk about seeing.

A big facet of that is night photography and experiencing these places at night. It’s tough to do that if you have to travel all the way to that place. We go right outside the door, sometimes get up on the roof, and shoot pictures. It’s amazing being able to do all of that together and share it.

(Photos by Brock Brinkerhoff)

For a lot of the astrophotography that I do, the common question is, “Did it really look like that?” In a lot of cases, yes, it does look just incredible, and it takes your breath away. Obviously, the camera can see a lot more than your eyes can see by themselves, but with the aid of the camera, it’s just incredible. So being able to bring that back, share it with somebody, and watch that look in their eyes when they see it is indescribable.

What I love most about photography is being able to experience something and then share it with somebody.

I found out about Fracture because I was experimenting with different ways to share photography. I’ve used the other methods: canvas, glossy prints, and aluminum. But if you really want someone to drop their jaw and say, “How did you do this?” Fracture is the way to go.

I want to see perfect blacks, perfect whites, and everything in between. I want to look at all of the colors, all the saturation, and all that contrast. I can’t get that any other way. I can’t get the separation of colors in the in the aluminum and the canvas that I can get with Fracture.

Brock’s Fracture hung up in his motorhome.

Recently a very good friend of ours had a death in the family. She expressed an interest in having a piece before, so we ordered one of the prints that we knew that she liked from Fracture. We sent it without telling her, just letting it show up. It was a pretty incredible experience and a very personal one that I think brought her a lot of happiness.

I love to give Fractures as gifts because of the joy that it brings to people, especially unexpectedly. If they receive a gift of something that they find beautiful, and it brightens their day, it makes me feel great. I love to give Fractures.

I think it’s my duty almost because we are so fortunate to be able to travel and to do this. I want to share the photography, share where we are, and share how we got to get there.

When was the last time you stopped to look? Share your experience below!


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Anna Cappelli

Anna Cappelli

Anna is a Marketing Intern for Fracture. She loves belting show tunes in the car and doesn't hate anything but STRONGLY dislikes cilantro. And she's super passionate about Jesus, espresso and digital marketing.