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Debbie McIntosh is a happy Fracture customer and a photographer

I love my grandchildren! Well, who doesn’t? I had wanted to print Fractures of my grandkids for a while. I had printed these images before on photo paper but wanted the unique look you get with a Fracture. The original plan was to order the 5×5 size and place the three of them in a row above the entertainment center in the family room; perhaps placing a rustic key horizontally and then ribbon going from the key to behind each of the images. Something always kept me from ordering… I just couldn’t quite commit to that design, I guess.


Fast forward: I was helping out a friend trying to get her business off the ground. She was doing in-home parties for a product called “Simply Said,” which is the vinyl lettering wall art you see in the image. I went to her party and started looking at all the wall art in the catalog and the kit she brought with her and it got my brain percolating. As I looked through their books, the sayings and flourishes were very inspirational, but they weren’t quite in sync with what my brain and heart were visualizing. She told me, “no problem, you can create custom wall art” ….well that hit the mark! It really was one of those Aha! moments. Then I knew. I knew where in my home I wanted my images and the approximate size I wanted them. I actually went home right after the party and measured the wall, drew it on my tablet and then used different rectangles and squares (representing Fracture sizes) and tried various layouts and groupings to find the design I liked best. You could do this with pencil and paper too, cutting out rectangles and squares that represent the Fracture sizes. For me, the minute I put three large square (23×23) Fractures on the layout it was clean, impactful and perfect.


From there it was a matter of customizing the wall art with the right words, colors, size, and flourishes. When I received all the pieces for the gallery, I laid out where the images would hang first; it happens they are in birth order, but really I was looking at the way they were facing. I have the two on the outside facing inwards and the center Fracture facing pretty much straight on to anyone looking at the gallery. I marked the wall and set the images aside. Next, it was time to position, mark, and hang the vinyl. Once the vinyl was complete, it was a simple task to place the screw that comes with my Fractures and mount the images.


I love the final product. It is in the main corridor of my home, so I get to see it every time I walk through that hallway. I know exactly where we were and what we were doing in each of those images, and it is a constant reminder of those wonderful family memories. I’ve had a few gatherings at home since I installed them and everyone comments on them. Even my grandchildren joke with each other as to which one is the best! But of course…I love them all!

Thank you Debbie for sharing this awesome Fracture Story!

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Daniella de la Campa

Daniella de la Campa

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