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Sometimes the thing you need most is hiding right in front of you in plain sight. We’re always looking for inspiration for ourselves, and to share with our fans online.

We decided to do something we’ve never done before at Fracture – a photo challenge. Daring yourself to snap and share a photo every day for a month is not easy, but there’s nothing like a challenge to get your creativity energized.

I can’t wait to see all of your excellent shots during the challenge! I’m going to to try not to just post photos of my daughter every day, but no promises. – Drew

What is the February Photo a Day Challenge?

The Fracture February Photo a Day Challenge will take place February 1-28.

We provided prompts for each day of the month to encourage you to take a new photo each day and share them. Challenge yourself to #FocusOnMoments by taking a moment to snap a pic each day. We want you to take a breath, look around you, pause, and remember to focus on the everyday moments we experience.

Why should I take part?

Deep down, you know it’s important and even healthy to celebrate the best moments in life. Well, we’re here to be that little nudge to take more photos. That’s why we’re doing this. We love taking photos, but we know that it’s not always at the forefront of our minds. Maybe you snap the occasional selfie before a night out, but you really want to capture those moments with your family, friends, and loved ones – the little memories that seem to pass us by.

Our themed prompts are here to inspire you. As an extra incentive, we’ll be giving away several Fracture prints to those who take part!

At the end of the month, we’ll announce TEN winners. Each winner will receive a Fracture gift card worth $125. To enter: Follow the daily prompt and post each day on your Instagram account and be sure to include #FocusOnMoments in the caption.

We have some awesome bloggers and photographers who are joining in and will be showing you how it’s done. Follow #FocusOnMoments on Instagram and you’ll see their photos.

How do I take part?

Check the themed prompts here (or on our Instagram) each day and interpret the theme however you wish. The numbers indicate the day of the month to post a response to that prompt.

  1. A fresh start
  2. Furry friends
  3. Comfort
  4. No place like home
  5. Nature
  6. My happy place
  7. Landmark
  8. Unannounced
  9. Time
  10. I can’t live without
  11. Food
  12. Warmth
  13. Self-portrait
  14. Love
  15. Evening
  16. Sharing
  17. Children
  18. Something you overlook
  19. Friendship
  20. Action/movement
  21. Bird’s eye view
  22. In the moment
  23. Childhood
  24. Smile
  25. Guilty pleasure
  26. Photographer’s choice
  27. Family
  28. All about me

Snap a pic, and post it on Instagram. Be sure to include #FocusOnMoments in the description so everyone taking part can see your photo.

What if I miss a day or two?

No worries! The goal of this challenge is to inspire and encourage you to take more photos and be present in those moments that matter. If you miss a day or a week, don’t fret. Nobody’s judging you.

Don’t forget the hashtag: #FocusOnMoments.

The Author

Anna Cappelli

Anna Cappelli

Anna is a Marketing Intern for Fracture. She loves belting show tunes in the car and doesn't hate anything but STRONGLY dislikes cilantro. And she's super passionate about Jesus, espresso and digital marketing.