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Part of our mission at Fracture is to help people celebrate their memories.

Recently, we completed an order for Calvary Bible Church in Boulder and Erie, Colorado that we are happy to have been a part of and would like to share with you.  The church asked us to help tell their story for their History Wall located at both church campuses.


The church was founded by four families who came to Boulder from Sweden in 1889 and has evolved since.


John Boyle, Director of Ministry Operations and Tim Gaskins, Communication Specialist teamed up to help build their story with Fracture. We’ll let them tell the story of their story from here:


“We knew we wanted to create a history wall, but once we discovered Fracture it helped clarify what we wanted to do. We’re in the middle of a historic time in our church and wanted to bring people into our story and also wanted this to coincide with our 125th Anniversary and the launching of our new Erie campus building.


Groups and organizations in the community use our facility and this gives them a chance to learn more about who we are. We’ve been a part of Boulder for a long time, and we’re proud to be in the city. In Erie, it helps guests at such a new campus to see who we are.


[Fractures are] just a great format for pictures and unique visually. You see a lot of pictures in frames and canvas, but this is such a unique format for display. 


SO many people have admired it and it really helps communicate where we’ve been, who our church is, and where we’re going. It really reinforces our mission and vision. We get so focused on the here and now that we forget who’s sacrificed before us so we can worship Christ today.


The Fractures are so beautiful that they fade away and allow the viewer to experience our story.”

– John Boyle, Director of Ministry Operations


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Drew Allen

Drew Allen

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