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It’s not everyday you get the chance to travel to Europe, so wouldn’t you want to make those memories last?

Blogger Linda Holt visited Italy last Spring, and thanks to Fracture, she can relive her favorite views every time she sees her wall. We had a chat with her to hear all about her trip, photos and Fracture experience.


What do you do for a living?

I am an interior designer, design blogger, and photographer.

How did you end up with a trip to Italy?

I was at the Design Blogger’s Conference in March and there was an auction for a trip to Italy to benefit the charity Dwell with Dignity. I bid on a whim mainly to get the bidding going. As it turned out, I was the high bidder and won the trip.

How was the trip?

The trip was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It was a mix of wine tasting and design exploration (two of my favorite things). I felt as if I had been plucked out of my daily environment and put inside the pages of a picture book. Everywhere I looked there was beauty beyond my imagination.

What was your favorite part of Italy?

That’s a tough one, because every experience was so amazing and beautiful. I guess if I had to choose one memory that stands out, it was riding in a boat on the grand canal in Venice. It was just about sunset, and it had been raining all day. The sun had just broken through the clouds, and the lighting was absolutely magical for about 30 seconds. I pulled out my iPhone camera and grabbed a quick shot of a gondola passing by with the sun hitting the water. It is my favorite image of the whole trip as the moment was so fleeting. Within seconds of taking the photo, the sun went back behind the clouds and the skies turned gray and flat.

italy 4

How hard was it picking the best images to Fracture?

Very hard. I had so many images I loved. I started off by narrowing it down to my favorite dozen. Then I narrowed it down from there and finally ended up with the ones I chose. I knew I was going to have them hung as a grouping, so I wanted everything to flow from one image to another, so I was thoughtful of colors and scale.

Tell us about the wall project.

I had a long, bare wall in my dining room. I had been looking for artwork to fill the space, but nothing really struck me that was in my budget. I knew I needed either one huge piece or several smaller pieces. When I saw the Fracture display at the Design Blogger’s Conference, I got the idea to make it a wall of photos.

Can you describe what we are seeing in the photos you picked to print?

All of the photos on the gallery wall were from Venice. Four were taken while riding on the grand canal and one was taken at St. Marco plaza. I just loved the architecture of the city as seen from the water. The colors were so unlike what we have in Boston. I hung the image of the winery in my office above my desk.

italy 1

What was the most surprising part about ordering and hanging your Fractures?

I was very impressed with how well packaged my Fractures were when they arrived. I loved the cardboard “beds” they were in. Also, they were lighter than I had imagined and very easy to hang.

A BIG thank you to Linda Holt, for chatting with us about her incredible trip and her experience with Fracture. You can check out more on her project here & more engaging content from her blog.

Have you ever been to Italy? Share a photo of your trip below!


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