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Sometimes a last-minute decision can blossom into a joy-filled adventure, and that’s exactly what happened to Nadiym.

Hey guys, it’s Drew, wishing you a happy Memorial Day weekend. I’m taking a nice staycation at home with the family, so hopefully, you’re enjoying yours as well.

Sometimes a last-minute decision can blossom into a joy-filled adventure, and that’s exactly what happened to Nadiym. He shared his heartwarming story with us and thankfully gave us permission to share it with all of you. I’ll let him take it from here, in his own words. 

I’ve been a soldier for 15 years, and I love both the military and my wife. I wanted to recreate the iconic sailor-kissing-the-girl photo in Times Square. At the time, it was supposed to be a surprise engagement photo shoot, but it ended up being our “wedding” photo shoot.

Photo by Satin Sky
Photo by Satin Sky

In October of 2014, I heard a voice say “you’re going to marry this woman.” I shrugged it off until I couldn’t ignore the voice in my head reaffirming it every day for two weeks.

The Plan

In March of 2015, I was out in the field doing a training exercise, and I told my commander I needed to drive to a FedEx location to pick up the engagement ring. I designed the ring through Blue Nile and I planned to propose to her during a photo shoot in Brooklyn/Manhattan the following week.

Mind you, my unit was deploying to the Horn of Africa two days after that photo shoot. So my commander said to me “If you know you’re going to marry her when you get back, why don’t you just do it now?” It scared me for a second because I’ve seen and heard of the countless soldiers in the military getting married before a deployment. While they’re out there, infidelity creeps in on either side, and it never works out.

The Story

However, I knew this was different. I proposed to her on March 19 and said: “Let’s get married tomorrow.”

Without hesitation, she agreed. So on March 20, 2015, we had to go before a Nassau County judge to convince him to grant us a same-day marriage license and then marry us. He told us that was the first time he’s ever granted a same-day marriage license

After my deployment, we had an actual marriage ceremony in Montego Bay, Jamaica, on June 23, 2016. But our real anniversary is March 20. And lo and behold, our lovely son was born exactly 2 years and 1 day after we decided to live together in holy matrimony.

This story amazes me every day. So for our anniversary, I got my Queenie these custom glass prints from our engagement/wedding photo shoot as well as glass prints from our destination wedding ceremony.

Nadiym, you’re not the only one amazed by that story. We wish you our congrats and the very best of luck in love and in fatherhood. And thank you again for sharing your story with us, and your service to our country. 

Cover Photo by Satin Sky

Do you have an amazing story that you’re celebrating with memorable photos? We want to hear about it below!


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