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The expression “if these walls could talk” has always inspired me. I believe your walls should talk. They are blank canvases in your home for full self-expression.

A photo of the writer's wall and the at hung on it.

One of the first comments people make when they enter my home is that they love how our walls tell a story. Our home is filled with beautiful art from family photos taken by both professional photographers and myself to art done by my children.

I believe our walls should talk and tell the story of who we are as a family. We are a family of energy, humor, fun, and sentimentality. Our walls, I hope, tell that story!

We have photos hanging on our walls that display all the great moments we have shared as a family. There are some shots of my children crying and screaming their heads off in front of Disney’s Magic Kingdom castle. Those times make my husband and I laugh remembering the early parenting days. There are pictures of my daughter dancing at baseball games, my children missing teeth, my wedding day, and family gatherings.

Works of art that my children have brought home from school hang in our primary guest bathroom, including a “10 reasons I love life” piece of paper I came across on my daughter’s desk in her room. This is the story of who my children are.

When we began decorating our basement, we had a giant wall that needed to be filled with big, large art, which was likely not in our budget at the time. My plan? Buy three big canvases and let my children go to town! Each canvas is signed by them, and they are hung in a grouping.

Since hanging that homemade art, we’ve been fortunate enough to afford art done by professional artists that we love. Despite spending a lot of money on that artwork, the masterpieces created by our children are the most commented-on art in our home. No one says much about the fancy art. It’s the personal representation of our memories that make people smile!

A straight-on photo of a wall decorated with 3 unique, abstract paintings.

I first came upon the company Fracture when my children painted these canvases. I wanted to continue the story by hanging photos I took of each of them painting their individual canvas. Because the art was so unique, I wanted the photo to have that artsy, cool, and unique look. Fracture printed them, and the photos now hang right next to the art. When people ask about the art, I show them the Fracture pieces and it becomes a great story. It’s heartwarming, and lets our walls “talk.”

Fracture prints of photos of the writer's children painting.

So many people get caught up in the choice of what to frame, finding the perfect photo, or actually getting it framed. Your story is ever-evolving, so it’s more important to catch the moment with all of its emotion and authenticity than to get the perfect angle or the perfect light. Frames can be changed, and walls can be rearranged.

Fracture makes it easy to get something fun up on your walls with ease. Close your eyes, and pick ten photos that truly speak to you, upload them, and let your walls start telling the story of your home.

What stories should your walls tell?


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Kelly Page

Kelly Page

Kelly Page is the founder of the bluegraygal lifestyle brand. Bluegraygal talks to women trying to live their best life, including having a nice home and being stylish Mommas. Her site shares honest humor, admitting she doesn't have her act all the way together! Kelly is also a lifestyle guest on the NBC Atlanta morning show.