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Cute story about a father and his adopted twins

Not all heroes wear capes.

The line is almost a meme itself at this point, but in Larry’s case, it’s true.

Make no mistake about it. Larry Katz is a hero.

He’s definitely a hero to us, one of our VIP customers since 2012, with over two dozen Fracture prints at his home and office.

But besides Fracture, Larry is certainly a hero to his adopted twin daughters, Roni and Rose.

Larry, Roni, Rose, Susanne

Adoption Adventure

His daughters, now both ten, were a long time coming for Larry and his wife, Susanne. They didn’t have their own kids and decided to adopt. They had always felt drawn to China and started the adoption process there. The only downside? The wait.

According to Larry, “It took me about three and a half months to finish all the paperwork. And then we were waiting and it kept extending and extending and extending to over five years.” 

Originally the couple had requested twins but were willing to adopt regardless.

Five years later, something remarkable happened. I’ll let Larry share in his words:

“FINALLY the adoption agency calls us to come down for our referral. The lady said, “When you come down here, you’re going to have to sit down when I tell you” and she wouldn’t really elaborate.

So we were worried. Were we getting a boy instead of a girl? Maybe an older child than we planned for?

Well, we came in and she had a red folder. And as we sat down we noticed it was two red folders. She put them down one in front of each of us.

At first, I thought it was two copies of the same folder. But then it just hit me.

I actually just slammed my fist down on the table and yelled, “Twins!”

She said, ‘Yes, you’ve got twins.’”

So the adventure began for Larry and Susanne, who quickly traveled to China, where they spent two weeks in the paperwork and process to complete the adoption.

Their journey back from China proved to be another highlight of the story. Here’s Larry again.

“One of the coolest parts of the story: We left Christmas Eve, December 24th. We left Guangzhou, China at 9:00 AM. First stop was Shanghai. Then we flew from Shanghai to Chicago. Finally from Chicago to Jacksonville. Okay? Landed in Jacksonville and it was midnight, STILL the 24th.

We had been on the go for, I think, 36 hours, but because of the time change, it was still Christmas Eve.

So we actually got home at 2:00 AM Christmas morning.”

And that, of course, became the best Christmas gift Larry and Susanne could ever dream of.

Larry, who has always loved taking photos, now had his ultimate subjects in his cute, little twin girls.

“Since we’ve gotten the girls, you know, they’re pretty much all my pictures.”

Finding Fracture

He first found Fracture in 2012 and quickly loved seeing his daughters on glass prints. He used to print on canvas, but, “if you want something that’s photorealistic and sharp and crisp, printing it on the glass just seems to give it that extra oomph.”

Every year Larry gets the digital files for the girls’ school portraits and gets them printed with Fracture. His office is the home for these school photos throughout the years.

“I’ve got a wall of Roni and Rose, from pre-K up through fourth grade. I’ve got a space already set for fifth grade. And after that, we’ll move on to the next wall.”

Recently, the company Larry works for just moved into brand new offices. Despite his seniority, he was the only one turning down the corner office views to instead choose an interior office for his space.

“I want this interior office because I need room for more prints of my girls,” he said.

If there’s one thing I noticed during our visit with Larry, it’s that those twins never stopped smiling, and it’s no wonder he has those smiles all over his office walls.

Larry, we can’t wait to see the next wall covered with more smiles as your wonderful daughters grow up. Thank you so much for being a fan of what we do, and for letting us share your story.


The Author

Drew Allen

Drew Allen

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