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Forget losing weight or — gasp! — giving up wine for the New Year. A truly great resolution is something you enjoy working on just as much as you enjoy the results. So enough with the punishing New Year’s promises. This year, why not try a home decor resolution instead? Here are our top ten decorating resolutions to get your home in its best shape ever as you ring in 2017.


1. Ready, Set, Tech!

Get prepped for new projects by filling your phone with helpful apps. From paint palette selectors to a pocket level for hanging pictures perfectly, there’s definitely an app for that.


2. Design That Gallery Wall

You know you love the look of gorgeous family photos and prints artfully arranged in an on-trend gallery wall, but you’ve never actually gathered the materials to get it done? This is the year! If dealing with matching frames has been holding you back, why not opt for a minimalist look instead?


3. Clear the Clutter

Speaking of minimalism, it’s the perfect time to pull a full KonMari and pack up that clutter for good. If you can’t quite kiss it all goodbye, invest in some decorative boxes and baskets for your shelves to hide your stuff — choosing a bright new color will also provide a mini facelift for your rooms!


4. Say It With Flowers

Nothing breathes new life into your decor like a bouquet of fresh flowers. Resolve to pick up a new bouquet at the grocery store each week; then break up the bunch to add a few stems to bud vases scattered around the house.


5. Get Centered

Who says centerpieces are just for guests? Elevate your daily dining experience by adding something fun to the table. This can be a great way to mark the passing seasons, and you can let the kids help you design them for a rainy-day project.


6. Let There Be Light

Got the winter blahs? You might have Seasonal Affective Disorder (appropriately abbreviated as SAD). Get more daylight by swapping out your heavy drapes and blinds for white sheers in every room. You’ll love the soft, filtered light and airy, new look these curtains provide.

7. Organize the Toys

Another way to improve your mood? Stop stepping on Legos and get those toys out of the living room for good. Now’s the time to outfit a closet with shelves and bins specifically for all your kids’ stuff. A toy chest or bookshelf will also work — anything to get their little treasures off the floor!


8. Treat Yourself

Make sure that at least one craft project this year is just for you. Whether you refinish a bookshelf specifically for your childhood favorites or design a spa-in-a-box for your bathroom, make sure your house has a spot that’s your own special haven.


9. Color Your World

Make 2017 the year you ditch boring white walls for good. Nobody’s saying you have to choose red — there are oodles of gorgeous, sophisticated neutrals out there that will breathe new life into your home.


10. Set the Mood

Lighting is the easiest way to adjust a room’s mood for any occasion, both inside and out.The dining room is a great place to start for romantic dinners; bedrooms and bathrooms are other great choices so you aren’t blinded in the middle of the night. Installing a dimmer switch for overhead fixtures will give you more control over the ambiance in your home. 

No matter what your personal taste and decorating style, setting a New Year’s decorating resolution or two will help you breathe new life into your home in the coming year.

Which one will you start with?


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Tori Tippin

Tori Tippin

Contributing Writer for Fracture. HGTV and The Office enthusiast. Celebrating 6 years of Starbucks Gold Member status.