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For the aesthetic enthusiast, this one’s for you.

For the aesthetic enthusiast, this one’s for you.

There’s nothing quite like that feeling of satisfaction when you come across an Instagram account that embodies your dream design style. Following that account feels like you’ve found your new home decor BFF, and you can’t help but double tap every post (#Goals). A while back, we put together a list of our favorite interior designers, but this time we’re featuring Instagrammers that take the cake. Our aesthetically pleasing Insta Pro’s range from creative directors, to photographers, to graphic designers, to HGTV stars. All of these accounts have one thing in common: they’ll for sure help you get those creative juices flowing.

emandersonheadshot1. Em Henderson

To kick off our Insta Blogger list, Em was a solid choice because of her easy-to-follow styling tutorials and beautiful, bright pictures. Her #EDHStyleSchool hashtag is our favorite feature and shows quick videos on how to style different parts of your home. Want more in-depth design tips and tricks? Check out her blog.


Fun fact: she won HGTV’s Design Star and hosts her own show, Secrets From A Stylist
Follow for: styling videos and tips, pops of color, vintage inspiration

screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-1-24-09-pm2. Dabito

Originally from Los Angeles but currently living in New Orleans, Dabito merges his passions for photography and graphic design to create a decor style unlike any other. These talents are explicitly illustrated in his Insta feed, which combines stunning travel shots with beautiful interiors. On his blog, he showcases an eclectic array of house tours, Dab-It-Yourself tutorials and unique product reviews.


Fun fact: he’s got a shop section on his blog where you can directly buy decor products
Follow for: colorful eclectic, greenery inspiration, Louisiana flare

sarahshermansamuelheadshot3. Sarah Sherman Samuel

If you prefer more of a natural feel, Sarah’s Instagram feed will not disappoint. She uses a lot of raw materials in her work such as stone, pottery, wood and leather to produce an organic and cozy type feel. Her blog focuses not only on decor and DIY but also entertaining, style and travel stories.


Fun fact: she used to work for a paper product company as their creative director – some of her designs were sold at Target
Follow for: glam meets chic, organic elements, gold and black accents

victoriasmithheadshot4. Victoria Smith

Straight outta San Fran, Victoria Smith’s Instagram account is the epitome of California chic. Shades of pink, orange and green are prominent among much of her work and shots. She calls herself an “extroverted introvert,” but it’s without a doubt that her feed screams “personality” to us. Her fun-loving vibes carry over to her blog, which covers everything from good reads, to stationary, to home decor.


Fun fact: she’s got her own book called See San Francisco
Follow for: Cali chic, boho modern, girly vibes

screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-9-25-30-am5. TRNK

Founded in 2013 by Tariq and Nick, TRNK is a NYC-based online store where you can purchase a selection of hand-crafted and masculine inspired products for your home. Part of their philosophy statement says “it feels collected, not decorated” which is consistent both on their Insta and on their TRNK blog.


Fun fact: their motto is “Have a Handsome Home”
Follow for: geometric shapes, dark colors and natural elements, masculine influence

screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-9-27-39-am6. Amber Lewis

If you’re not already following Amber, you need to ASAP. She’s been consistently ranked as having one of the best Instagram decor accounts according to Design*Sponge, Apartment Therapy, Huffington Post and HGTV. She gives off a true moroccan vibe, with darker, richer colors taking precedence in her designs. Check out her blog for more of her work.


Fun fact: her first book, “The California Eclectic,” is slated for release in 2017
Follow for: eclectic moroccan flare, mixing and matching patterns

joychoheadshot7. Joy Cho

Hands down, one of the prettiest product feeds ever. Whether it’s Joy’s Insta, Pinterest, or Blog, she slays the game on every social media platform. Over the past several years, big brands such as Target and Land of Nod have sold exclusively curated lines designed by her. Our dream nursery or kids room would be full of Joy’s products.

Fun fact: she originally launched her brand as a graphic design studio
Follow for: vibrant colors, nursery and kid’s room inspiration, girly glam

danamillerheadshot8. Dana Miller

Dana Miller, aka the OG Cacti Queen, gives us a great representation of the “modest midwest living” style. Her designs are primarily neutral with pops of color incorporated in her decor and accent pieces. Miller’s got an entire “budget decor” section on her blog to help you get that million dollar look for a fraction of the price.


Fun fact: Dana has another cool side job as an Ikea Brand Ambassador 
Follow for: midwest living, neutral colors

mandi-gubler-headshot9. Mandi Gubler

This savvy DIYer isn’t afraid to get down and dirty with the paint and power tools to produce some of the most stunning work we’ve seen. From DIY a-frame ladder shelves to copper coffee tables to black shiplap, Mandi can help you transform your ordinary space into a one-of-a-kind showpiece. As Mandi Gubler once said, “friends don’t let friends have beige houses.” 


Fun fact: she has the best and most creative DIY feature walls
Follow for: furniture and decor DIYs and vintage revivals.

magnoliaheadshot10. Magnolia

Run by some of our favorite HGTV designers ever, Joanna and Chipper Gaines have built a rustic empire with millions of loyal fans. Obviously Magnolia had to make it on our list. Even if you’re not into the rustic, southern style, their designs could convince your to change your ways. Joanna is known as the shiplap queen and she can turn any depressing, unloved house into a breathtaking masterpiece. The Magnolia Blog has more detailed posts on DIY tips and renovation tricks.


Fun fact: Joanna majored in broadcast journalism in college
Follow for: rustic inspiration, shiplap, DIYs, southern style

bri-emeryheadshot11. Bri Emery

A creative director living in LA, Bri takes a different spin on the Cali decor lifestyle. If you never considered visiting the West Coast before, her account will instill some serious FOMO and temp you to book a one-way and never look back. She goes to the craziest and coolest places on the West Coast and incorporates that in her interior design style. Her blog includes a bunch of how-to’s, styling guides and behind the scenes of her photo shoots.


Fun fact: she even designs her own phone cases
Follow for: whimsical designs, unique spin-offs, creative shots

igor-josifovic-headshot12. Igor Josifovic

With a strong passion for interior design, home decor, travels and plants, Josifovic shares his work through his blog, Happy Interior Blog. The designer showcases the beauty of the world through inspiration brought back home through travels, and highlights the beauty and beneficial power of houseplants by incorporating them heavily in his work.


Fun fact: Igor also runs a separate blog, Urban Jungle Bloggers, all about living with plants
Follow for: greenery inspiration, travel diaries

jenny-komenda-headshot13. Jenny Komenda

Komenda is a Phoenix-based interior designer who has been sharing her favorite products, ideas and projects on her blog, Little Green Notebook, since 2007. She’s got some great DIY tutorials on topics ranging from kids projects to lighting to accessories. Komenda’s Juniper Studio is known for its beautiful, modern, and often mid-century styled personal and functional spaces.


Fun fact: Jenny is a current contributing editor for Domino Magazine
Follow for: on-trend style, mid-century, DIY projects

justina-blakeney-headshot14. Justina Blakeney

Author of “The New Bohemians,” Justina Blakeney takes boho design to the next level. Her gorgeous house is called The Jungalow and it embodies the true and authentic bohemian spirit. Her eye for eclectic design is prominent in all of her work, especially when she mixes and matches completely different textures and patterns and makes them come to life in a space.


Fun fact: for all of her projects, she includes direct links to the products, materials and even contractors she used
Follow for: authentic boho, textures, patterns, feature elements, bright colors

kelly-wearstler-headshot15. Kelly Wearstler

Wearstler’s style has become synonymous with modern luxury. Her designs merge important historical reference points with contemporary influences. Since 1995, Kelly Wearstler Studio has grown from a boutique interior design firm to global lifestyle brand. Wearstler’s brand embodies a harmony of design choices that are integral to the brand’s sense of eclecticism and fearless, iconic style.


Fun fact: she has published four coffee table books:Domicilium Decoratus, Modern Glamour, Rhapsody and HUE
Follow for: greyscale with gold accents, glam meets lux, sophisticated design

What Instagram accounts or blogs do you follow to fuel your design inspiration?


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