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Anyone who is decorating a space knows how frustrating it can be when you're missing the perfect decor piece and can't find it anywhere. You probably actively search HomeGoods, watch HGTV or follow some interior design bloggers for inspiration. Check out our list of sites to help you avoid those decor blues!

Anyone who is decorating a space knows how frustrating it can be when you’re missing the perfect personality piece and can’t seem to find it anywhere. You probably actively search HomeGoods, watch HGTV or follow some interior design bloggers for inspiration to create your dream home. We’ve taken the time to make a list of the best online sites for every design style and price point so you can make the most out of your time and budget to achieve that perfect space. Note – The list of sites below is ranked from affordable to luxury spending and price point tiers are broken up into the following categories:


You get what you pay for. Sometimes you’ll find a good bang for your buck here, meaning the site offers products that are similar to other high-end products at a fraction of the cost, one-of-a-kind, or awesome quality for a great price.


You’ll see this price for that same product across the board on several sites.


The price tags won’t totally break the bank, but it might be a little higher than average.

Luxury Spending

You definitely need a generous budget for these pieces.

cost plus world market

1. Cost Plus World Market

Ever dreamt of traveling the world and decorating your home with pieces you bring back from every place? Well, if your bank account says “NOPE” to that idea, don’t worry because this is the next best thing. They offer original, handmade products from all over the world at an affordable price. Their motto is “sold at cost, plus 10%,” hence the name Cost Plus World Market! Not only does this site give you the most exquisite and authentic decor pieces for your kitchen and much more, but you can also find international foods organized by country. Fun fact: check the “details” section of each product to see where it’s imported from.


Price point: Affordable

Design style: Eclectic, adventurous, world traveler, ethnic flair, coastal

4e131397d3b34872d0d595e58e10c1b4_400x400 (1)2. Society 6

For the college students ballin’ on a budget or the parent trying to style their teen’s room. From tapestries to pillows to coffee mugs, Society 6 is a great option if you’re looking for fun decor to style your first apartment or home without hiring an interior designer. Society 6 lets artists upload their own work and transform it into shower curtains, clocks, wall art, rugs, duvets, blankets and even stationary. If you’re looking to add a pop of color or give your space more personality, definitely check this place out.

Society 6 decor
Price point: Affordable
Design style: Oriented toward teenagers, college students or first apartment decorators

target logo3. Target

“Of course Target’s on this list, how original,” you may be thinking. Just take a second to read why they’re on our list and it might show you why “expect more, pay less” should be your new life motto. Target decor products are popping up everywhere (HGTVblogs, Instagram, probably something in your house is from Target). The reason? It’s on-trend and actually affordable. Before you decide to make that high-end purchase on that “must have” decor piece, check out Target to see if they have it at a fraction of the cost.

Bonus: Target has this secret section called Samples Spot, where they offer free products in exchange for your honest review. They offer new samples roughly every 4-6 weeks and generally include furniture and decor pieces as samples.

Bonus #2: In the past, the Dollar Spot section at Target was scoffed at. Well, not anymore because it got a complete makeover this past November. What we’ve seen so far in their Spring and Summer collections is awesome, so be sure to keep an eye out for their next line.

target home decor

Price point: Generally speaking, Target’s products are affordable

Design style: Their style changes based on the designer they’re currently teaming up with (Nake Berkus, Joy Cho, Lilly Pulitzer) but overall, they have contemporary, on-trend decor that can fit any space

urban outfitters logo4. Urban Outfitters

You just got that perfect loft overlooking the city but now you have to figure out how to create a vibe that’s up to par. Well, look no further because UO is perfect for your stylish space. From organic wall planters to wicker furniture to moroccan rugs, UO decor offers a natural and cozy atmosphere. UO is by far my favorite place to buy coffee table books because they always have interesting and different options that are updated regularly.


Price point: Ranges from affordable to average

Design style: Boho chic, contemporary, adventurous, natural, minimalistic, entertainment, organic

uncommon goods5. Uncommon Goods

This site has every decor piece imaginable, but they’re designed with a twist. The goal of Uncommon Goods is to provide people with different and one-of-a-kind pieces that don’t compromise on style. This is the perfect place to find a conversation piece that’ll make your home stand out in a good way.

uncommon goods 1

Price point: Some decor pieces are affordable while others (such as very unique furniture accent pieces) are average.

Design style: Eclectic; there isn’t a set style because the products are so different

modcloth logo6. Mod Cloth

Mod Cloth is basically a combination of Urban Outfitters and Lulu & Georgia. Mixed in with their girly vibe are playful pieces that can evoke a Kate Spade or Lilly-type feel. The main difference between Mod Cloth and Lulu & Georgia (besides the price tag) is that Mod Cloth is focused more on the free-spirited bachelorettes or first-apartment kind of ladies. Mod Cloth has a ton of knick-knacks to help you fill out those decorative shelves or blank walls. It also should be your go-to for housewarming gifts or presents for your girl friends.

modcloth decor

Price point: Affordable to average

Design style: Feminine flair, adventurous, eclectic, entertainment, nautical

retro planet logo7. Retro Planet

You know those awesome man caves, game rooms or retro spaces that hit the nail on the head with the “wow” factor? Chances are that some of the cool decor came from Retro Planet, which offers products from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. Think: retro penny slot machine, old school Coca-Cola, vintage popcorn machine. You can even shop by room if you have a specific space in mind that you want to add a vintage vibe to.

retroplanet home decor

Price point: Depending on what product you’re looking at, it could be anywhere from affordable to expensive.

Design style: Retro (obviously), vintage, decades range from 40s-80s

pier 1 logo8. Pier 1

Most of you have probably heard of Pier 1 before because they have a bunch of brick-and-mortar stores throughout the USA. Pier 1 is a safe choice when decorating a space because you know for sure that you will always get premium and stylish products for a nice price. Although they have their set home decor lines, their seasonal and holiday collections are always on point. Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Hanukkah or the 4th of July, you can always count on Pier 1 to have the best selection. Pier 1 is also ideal for more standard interior decorators because they carry pieces that can align with a variety of different design styles.


Price point: Average

Design style: Coastal, traditional, boho, seasonal, lux, chic, rustic, bright

canopy logo9. Canopy

Unlike the other sites on this list, Canopy is different because it completely changes the way you shop on Amazon and it isn’t specifically decor oriented. Every product on the site is linked from Amazon but they are specifically chosen by the people at Canopy. From what I’ve noticed, a majority of the curated products have a minimalistic and Scandinavian design influence. The products also tend to be on the greyscale or natural elements such as wood or marble. Similar to Pinterest, you can like, share and “collect” products on your account to save them for later. There’s also a “featured” section that has new articles every week on new trends, holidays and much more.


Price point: Average to expensive

Design style: Minimalistic, modern, Scandinavian

lulu and georgia logo10. Lulu & Georgia

Lulu & Georgia’s depicted the essence of their site perfectly: “It’s for the modern woman: the 9-5er, the housewife, the artist, the executive, and the one who’s all four.” This site is great for those of you who follow those cutesy Instagram bloggers who incorporate all the girly glam accents into their home (think: gold pineapples, Kate Spade inspired, feminine flair). For those of us who are mildly Pinterest obsessed, Lulu & Georgia has awesome Pinterest look-a-like accent pieces that are to die for.


Price point: Average to expensive

Design style: Glamorous, boho chic, lux, feminine flair, vintage eclectic

dot and bo logo11. Dot & Bo

Stationed out of San Francisco, this millennial-focused brand helps you make your dream home a reality. Incorporating contemporary and modern-inspired products, they have a nice selection for every design style. And if you’re struggling to find ideas for your space, they have a Design Inspiration Series where you can simply click what style or trend intrigues you and they’ll provide a list of products that resemble that style.


Price point: Average to expensive

Design style: Vintage, adventurous, farmhouse, southwest, romantic, craftsman, industrial, boho, retro, glam

all modern logo12. All Modern

All Modern has products for every design style out there. They do a great job of making the shopping experience feel personal. For example, they have an inspiration section that can help you get your creative juices flowing before you go right into browsing. Because there are a lot of items on the site, they make it easier to navigate by breaking it down into your specific style. One of my favorite features on this site is the Trend Report, which continually changes depending on what’s hot right now. What if you’re looking for that perfect gift for her, the grad, new parents, or work? No problem, they have a plethora of gift guides to help you find that perfect present!


Price point: Average to expensive

Design style: Scandinavian, mid-century, coastal, chic, bold, eclectic, rustic, urban, lux, industrial, minimalistic (essentially, they cater to every design style)

pottery barn logo13. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn’s one of those stores that has been around forever but never gone out of style. The great thing about Pottery Barn is that you can decorate for every age group, whether it’s your master bedroom, kid’s playroom or outdoor space. They even have this cool – and free – interior design service to help you out with decorating. The site features primarily coastal decor pieces, but they have contemporary and modern products here and there.


Price point: Expensive

Design style: Nautical, coastal, bright, family-friendly, traditional

dwell logo14. Dwell

Modern, minimalistic, practical. The products on this site scream modern with their sleek lines and natural wood and stone elements. Check out their Best Sellers section to see what is trending right now in the contemporary world. Their pricing fluctuates significantly from average ($30 for a tray) to extremely pricey ($220 for a piggy bank) so depending on the item, you could definitely get a good bang for your buck here! The items are pretty unique for modern decor so it’s a good investment.


Price point: Usually on the higher end of the expensive scale and occasionally luxury spending or bang for your buck

Design style: Minimalistic, Scandinavian, modern, natural elements (wood, marble, etc)

anthro logo15. Anthropologie

The pricier, more artisan version of Urban Outfitters. Anthropologie, or Anthro for short, is owned by the same parent company as UO but the products have a handmade, one-of-kind vibe. From my experience, Anthro has a combination of trending items that you can find on similar sites (pineapple stuff, decorative wall art and moroccan rugs everywhere) and then they have other items that are completely unique. Although this ranked as expensive on our spectrum, items like books or knobs tend to be on the affordable end.


Price point: Expensive to luxury spending

Design style: Eclectic, bright, boho, glam, nautical, mid-century meets contemporary

burke decor16. Burke Decor

Aiming to provide a boutique-like experience, Burke Decor offers tasteful pieces that are curated, inspired and designed by the best. The buyers over at BD have really thought the all-in-one shopping experience through, because they offer everything for your home including high-end bar soap. For feature pieces in your home, they have a spot called “Editor’s Picks” that feature their favorite, unique and most popular products.


Price point: Expensive to luxury spending

Design style: Contemporary, splashes of modern here and there, neutral colors

serena and lily logo17. Serena & Lily

If you want a home that’s impressive from the moment you walk in the door, Serena & Lily will not disappoint. They don’t focus on one certain style, but the California coastal influence is prominent in their design. To make things even better, you can customize your furniture exactly to your taste with their Upholstery shop.


Price point: Luxury spending

Design style: Relaxed, elegant, coastal, lots of blues and gold

chairish logo18. Chairish

In short, they connect design lovers across the country to sell high-quality furnishings. For those of you who have a comfortable home decor budget, Chairish is a good store for you. With their enormous selection, it’s nearly impossible to leave empty handed. They have more of a mid-century modern feel, but you can find items for nearly any space. For a more high-end design style, check out the Chairish Vault, which is a curated section that showcases only the most exceptional, handpicked pieces.


Price point: Luxury spending

Design style: Mid-century modern, traditional, elegant, “antique”

What’s your favorite place to find home decor? Let us know below!

Photo credit: all images are from their corresponding sites except images from Target, which are from @TargetDoesItAgain and World Market, which are taken from Instagram #DiscoverWorldMarket

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