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5 amazing home decor ideas for fall

Paul Kazlov is a “green” home remodeling enthusiast and an industry pioneer for innovation in home renovation. Paul writes for the Global Home Improvement blog and strives to educate people about “green” products such as metal roofing and solar. Follow him on Twitter @PaulKazlov

If your home needs a refresh this fall, then pay close attention to some of these latest design trends. While some trends have been around the block for awhile, others that have emerged as a result of changes in technology. Either way, these trends are influencing home decorators everywhere. Whether you choose the classic or modern approach, you can infuse your space with on-trend designer style by incorporating a few of these gems into your decorating.


1. Pick a Color

Every year new colors set the tone for what is available on the market. For 2016, the Pantone Color Institute says that these colors include the tranquil pairing of Rose Quartz and SerenityPantone also predicts that Fall 2016 runway fashion color trends will have an impactful influence on home decor. Keep an eye out for these colors this season:


#1 – Riverside

This cool, yet strong shade is predicted to be one of the most influential colors of fall. It’s not as serious as navy or bold as cobalt, and exudes calmness.


airyblue#2 – Airy Blue 

The serenity or this color is instrumental to its popularity this fall.




#3 – Sharkskin

Sharkskin is an edgier take on a traditional chilly fall gray.




#4 – Aurora Red

Pantone describes this shade as being “warm, sensual, and immediately pleasing to the eye.”



#5 – Warm Taupe 

A trusty classic, this fall hue pairs well with every other hue on the list.



#6 – Dusty Cedar 

This warm, complex adaptation of pink is like an autumnal Rose Quartz.



#7 – Lush Meadow 

This bright, deep green is a fall 2016 staple.




#8 – Spicy Mustard

This zesty shade is perfect for fall and majorly trending in 2016.




#9 – Potter’s Clay 

This shade is a subtle, earthy orange that will be prevalent this fall.




#10 – Bodacious

This purple-pink is a wildcard this fall. The bright, fun shade is more versatile than you might think.




2. Animal Magnetism

Animal inspired fabrics and furnishings are not a new trend, but this fall we seem them reimagined. Faux furs, for example, are taking over the interior landscape and are showing up on all sorts of seating options, from benches, to ottomans, to entire chairs. Sharkskin, or shagreen, is being wrapped around tables, trays, and accessories providing an elegant and durable finish.


Wall coverings and carpets are sporting animal print patterns that are quite true to size. Minimalist accent tables are being combined with animal legs, adding a touch of nature to a functional piece. Include some of nature’s creatures in your space this fall and watch your room come to life.


3. Luxe Objects + Handmade Goods

In Fall 2016, we are seeing a return to home decor luxury. Nailhead trims, acrylic/lucite accents, metallic finishes and other custom embellishments have become desirable once again.

After years of watching the handmade movement replace these types of high-end purchases, we are seeing a co-existence of repurposed DIYs with beautiful investment pieces. Mixing old with new and homemade with luxe helps to create a space uniquely your own. 


4. Technology Enhanced

3D printing, laser cutting technologies, and large format digital presses have changed the way home decor is being created today. Decorating your home in interesting patterns, graphics, and futuristic pieces is becoming easy, efficient and inexpensive. 

Fabrics can be printed with any pattern, objects can be reproduced quickly, and items can be digitally customized with a few clicks of a button. Artwork and photography can be blown up to large proportions, and displayed in beautiful new ways. Mural wallpapers, delicately laced lighting fixtures, and personalized fabrics are all examples of how this trend toward technology has made its way home.


5. Organics Obsessed

With these sleek technological advancements comes a sense of longing to get back to the basics. As a result, organic objects like geodes, crystals, florals and plant materials are also trending in home interiors. The tactile quality of found objects that represent life outside our four walls can add contemplative interest to our screen-protected lives. These objects can also represent our personal journeys, grounding us in our home spaces, and reminding us to celebrate the joys of life.

Which of these design trends would you like to try in your home this fall?

The Author

Paul Kazlov

Paul Kazlov

Paul Kazlov is a “green” home remodeling enthusiast and an industry pioneer for innovation in home renovation.