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What’s your home decor style? Find out here!

You may not know it yet, but there’s a good chance you gravitate toward one home decor style, even if you’ve never thought to give it a name. We compiled a list of some of the most popular design styles we have seen recently in stores, on blogs and in our homes. And don’t worry — you don’t have to stick with just one style.

6 Popular Home Decor Styles 1

1. Coastal Style: Relaxed, Sea-Inspired Comfort

Coastal style takes a hint of the beach and brings it home for a relaxing, water-and-sand-inspired atmosphere.  Soft sky, sea and sand tones dominate a room decked out in coastal decor. This is definitely one of the easier styles to achieve because stores such as Bealls, Pier 1 and HomeGoods almost always carry beach-inspired pieces that can be the perfect addition to your space.

Relaxation is front and center when it comes to coastal decor. Decor elements may include worn rowboat oars, jars of seashells or a collection of vintage bottles in various shapes and colors. More recently, coastal style has moved away from the traditional wicker and rattan furniture and more toward incorporating plush or microfiber couches and accent chairs into the mix.

If you’re not fully committed to coastal style but want to try it out, you can get a few seahorse or seashell pillows and beach-inspired wall pieces to test the waters and add some character to your space.

6 Popular Home Decor Styles 3

2. Boho Chic: Let Your Creative, Free Spirit Shine

Bohemian style, also known as Boho chic, is as eclectic as it sounds. Think jewel-toned, patterned fabrics paired with Moroccan rugs, wood floors, a vintage armchair and an abundance of mismatched throw pillows. Bohemian style is for the artist in all of us.

In the past, you would have to scour thrift stores or charity salvage yards to get the perfect pieces for your Boho Chic space. Now, trendy stores such as Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters carry everything Boho chic, making it easier for you to design your space. And because Amazon is so awesome, you can now afford to get that perfect tapestry for under $20!

Bohemian style is all about individuality. Colorful textiles are a big part of the look, but feel free to mix in a few vacation photos, a Buddha figure and Moroccan glass lanterns — whatever pleases you. A Bohemian room feels warm and inviting, even if the walls are white.  

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3. Contemporary Style: What’s Hot Right Now

“Contemporary” means whatever is current and fairly popular at the moment; it’s ever-changing, much like fashion. This is hands down the easiest style for you to shop for because stores are constantly providing trendy, new products.

Contemporary style borrows heavily from other eras — modern pieces are right at home with stainless steel appliances and an eclectic gallery wallOpen floor plans are almost always present with contemporary interior design.

The best way to describe this style is by comparing it to the “New Arrivals” or “Most Popular” section on typical decor websites. Target is a great place to shop for contemporary pieces at an affordable price. Fads also fall under the contemporary umbrella, with current fads being marble houseware, cacti or air plants, and acrylic furniture and decor pieces.

6 popular home decor style 2

4. Rustic Style: Rough, Rugged and Resilient

Rustic style in short can be described as the straight-from-the-farmhouse look. Shiplap walls, farm tools as wall decor and a chandelier made from an old wagon wheel capture the rustic spirit perfectly. When you think of rustic style, think Joanna and Chip Gaines.

Over the past couple years, interior designers have changed the way rustic style looks. 10 years ago, rustic style was aligned with log cabins and western homes. Designers have brought new life to this style by toning it down a little and creating more of a cozy barn feel. 

If you’re looking for design inspiration to create that perfect rustic space, we’re got some easy and attainable ideas for you. For creative DIY options, you can use reclaimed wood to build a headboard or table, make side tables from old wood or metal crates, or create lighting made from mason jars. If you’re trying to add more unique elements, consider putting in wood beams and reclaimed wood floors.

6 popular home decor styles 3

5. Modern Style: Simplistic and Minimalistic

Modern style refers to the Mid-Century Modern period but now takes on a whole new meaning. This style tends to overlap with contemporary style quite a bit, because modern has come back in style over the past decade. The main difference between modern style and contemporary style is that modern design consistently incorporates sleek-looking pieces that have no traditional aspects whatsoever

Geometric shapes and clutter-free simplicity take the reigns in a modern decor scheme. White walls are very common and wood panelling has recently come back into style. Molded white plastic, acrylic, plywood and polished metal are the key design elements in modern design. Stores such as All Modern and Muji can help you find modern pieces to incorporate in your home. If you want more inspiration, Benjamin Vandiver is one of our favorites.

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6. Industrial Style: Inspiration from the Machine Age

Industrial decor marries wood and metal for a look clearly inspired by the machine age. Exposed ductwork, old bricks and original flooring from shuttered factory spaces take center stage for an industrial decor scheme. This style is most common in homes built in former manufacturing facilities. 

Industrial pieces are popping up everywhere, with industrial lighting taking center stage.If you’re on a budget, look for an old factory cart and transform it into a coffee table by adding a glass top. Many places like Urban Outfitters and Home Depot carry specific industrial decor pieces such as metal pipe storage and pendant lighting

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Even interior decorators mix hints of one style into another to create custom looks. Go with what inspires you the most, using these basics to get you started. Mix and match new and old, or swap accent pieces from one room with those of another to freshen up the look.

Need some more inspiration to help you get started? Check out the #HomeGoodsHappy feed for a variety of different decor pairings and inspiration.

Is your favorite decor style on our list? Let us know more about it below.

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