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Make your IKEA furniture more awesome with these ideas!

If you’ve ever decorated an apartment on a budget, chances are you’ve ventured into an IKEA a time or two. We love IKEA for their affordable and wide selection of everything home. IKEA is your one-stop shop for furnishing your new place without breaking the bank.

There is something that you may not have realized while decorating your tiny post-graduate apartment, though. IKEA is full of pieces you can easily transform to look much more high-end than they really are. With these tricks, there’s no need to spend a fortune on furniture to match your decor.


1. Dress It Up

Love IKEA but hate how basic some of the pieces look? Look no further than Superfront. Superfront is a Swedish company that specializes in creating details to dress up your IKEA furniture. Superfront offers handles, legs, cabinet fronts, and small detailed pieces that all add character and glam to IKEA furniture. Nobody has to know that you didn’t spend a fortune on furnishings!


2. Kid’s Room

We wish we could be a kid again just so we could have this cool loft bed! With three pieces of IKEA furniture and your imagination, you can create this awesome bed that any kid would love. Even better, there’s a YouTube video to walk you through the steps.


3. Office Space

We love this easy marbled desk to spruce up your office! With a cheap IKEA desk and a roll of contact paper, this DIY desk took on the look of much more expensive counterparts.


4. Light the Way

The latest trends are a great place to get inspiration from, even if the inspiration products aren’t in your budget. Use this inspiration to create your own budget-friendly version, like this crafty gal did with these copper pendant lights. Inspiration and spray paint can take you a long way in an IKEA!


5. Budget Built-Ins

We can hardly believe that this amazing wall of built-in cabinets is actually comprised on Borgsjo bookshelves from IKEA! Want to replicate this in your own home? Check out the easy step-by-step guide here.


6. Kallax For the Win

One of the most versatile pieces from IKEA is their selection of Kallax shelving units. The seemingly simple square shelving units are rife with possibility, as shown by this list of 75 (!!) DIY ideas. Simply adding paint, legs, or doors to these affordable units helps decorate and organize any space in your home.


7. Lack Hack 

Much like the Kallax unit, IKEA’s Lack Shelf can be transformed into so many useful and affordable pieces in your home. From kitchen shelving to bedside storage, the Lack Series is the master of multitasking.

8. Shopping Experience


Does the idea of self-assembly scare you? Is your closest IKEA 3 hours away? Worry no more. IKEA offers services such as online and store delivery, assembly, design help, and phone assistance. IKEA also has a great return policy, and will help you finish the bookshelf that you lost all the screws for.


Spending your Saturday corralling children in a store full of tempting goodies may not seem like the ideal day off. Fear not! IKEA offers a free supervised play area for children so you can finish your shopping and they can play. IKEA also offers plenty of family-friendly options. These include convenient family parking spots, a baby care area, baby food, microwaves, shopping strollers and play areas.


When all that shopping works up an appetite, pop on over to the in-store restaurant for kid (and adult) friendly options sure to please the whole family.

IKEA Family

IKEA Family is a loyalty program designed for people who love their homes, and love to shop at IKEA. Members enjoy product discounts, special offers, ideas and inspiration, and more. And best of all… it’s free to join! Just a few of the extra perks of this free program include free coffee or tea at the IKEA restaurant, 90 day price protection, discounted (and free!) food. As a bonus, you even get monthly chances to win a $100 IKEA gift card! Sign up online or in store to start taking advantage of all the fantastic benefits.

Have you ever hacked your IKEA furniture? Let us know below! 

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