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Personalizing your home decor with subtle touches can make a space feel more like you. We know how important it is to feel comfortable in your own home. To help, we turned to the Design*Sponge at Home book for inspiration and tips for personalizing home decor. If you have never heard of Design*Sponge, you’re welcome; now you have. Grace Bonney’s site is as brilliant as the books. We compiled a list of our favorite ideas from Design*Sponge’s first book. The best part is you can find most of the ideas in the book on their blog! 

We somehow ended up with an extra copy of Design*Sponge at Home. So we’re giving it away. Details and how to enter are at the end of this post, so keep reading. 

Photo by Kate Koeppel

Let the kids scribble.

Using chalkboard paint is a fun way to liven up any room because you can always switch up the designs. Paint part of a wall or turn the whole wall into a drawing canvas. If you craft a chalkboard wall, consider putting it in the kids’ room or playroom. This way the kiddos can create their own masterpieces while saving you time from scrubbing the weekly marker drawings on the walls. You can also take it a step further and convert your dining table to a chalkboard. No one will ever forget which side of the plate the fork goes on or who sits where.

Photo by Smarts & Crafts

Make it into a shadow box.

This handy DIY project will transform any three-dimensional object into an integral part of your home decor. You can choose to show off items that you’re proud of, like a coin collection, or use it as a tasteful way to store everyday objects, such as jewelry.

Be crafty and construct your own shadow boxes, or channel your inner Joanna Gaines and be resourceful by finding other means to use as a shadow box. For example, you can use framed glass or wine crates as shadow boxes. The wine crate can be used as a way to hang wine glasses, store wine, or display something special.

Photo by Tawnee Madlen Walker

Hang up vintage plates.

Design*Sponge praises vintage plates as a way to add a splash of color to any neutral-colored room. If you are going for a classy yet superfluous look, consider finally displaying that wedding china that’s been collecting dust since 1995 or check out the nearest flea market. It’s a fun way to find some vintage pieces for your space, and it’s a great activity to do on a Sunday afternoon. If you’re more of a do-it-yourself type of person, paint your own plates or buy unique plates from artists. Browsing local art fairs is an engaging and leisurely way to acquire those perfect pieces for your home.

Photo by Smarts & Crafts

Repurpose your old T-shirts.

That’s right, T-shirt quilts are back, and they are just as nifty and dorky as before. Just kidding, T-shirts will never go out of style and neither will their corresponding quilts. We have so many T-shirts, and we can either take them to Goodwill, give them to a younger sibling, or, you guessed it, turn them into a quilt! But in reality, T-shirt quilts are an awesome way to repurpose old clothing by turning them into something useful. Maybe you have collected T-shirts from different places you visited on family vacations, or maybe collecting concert tees is more your style. Either way, both are resourceful ways to make a custom quilt that you will cherish forever.

Open shelving
Photo by Joyelle West

Change up your shelving.

You may have seen people do all kinds of crazy things with Mason Jars. Well, here’s another one to add to the list. Try switching out the normal packaging of the food in your pantry for simple glass jars. Then, display the jars on open shelves in your kitchen. This will create a new dynamic to the room and a fresh look. Design*Sponge praises this tip because, with open shelving, everything is kept neat and tidy, cutting down on visual clutter.

Photo by Jill Richards

Paint a mural on the wall.

Whether you’re an artist or not, a mural will undoubtedly create that “wow factor” you may be looking to add to your decor. Murals in homes may not be very common, but that’s what makes them so exquisite. If you run into roadblocks when deciding on a design for your mural, try picking an inspiration piece, then run with it. If you’re talented enough to paint your own mural, use the patterns, designs, and colors from the inspiration piece to guide you through creating the mural. However, if you’re lucky enough to find an artist that understands your sense of style, listen to their ideas, and don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone.

Photo by Lisa Warninger

Create your own wallpaper.

Wouldn’t it be pretty cool to say you made the wallpaper in the dining room yourself? Perhaps, you found a pattern on Pinterest that you adore or an old photo inspired you. Maybe you’re more tech-savvy and dabble in graphic design, so painting isn’t really your thing. Well, as Design*Sponge points out, there are different ways to create custom wallpaper. You can design wallpaper by just printing images off the web like Susan did as a DIY project for Design*Sponge. Using stencils is another smart way to dress up your walls. Just apply a little spray paint, and you’re good to go.


Put your collections on display.

Find subtle ways to turn your collections into decoration, whether that’s hanging it on the wall or placing something on a bookshelf. This is similar to the shadow box idea, but we’re trying to incorporate a collection without drawing too much attention to it. You can use items you’re proud of or simple items that are pleasing to the eye and integrate them into your decor.

Photo by Ashleigh Coleman

Make a collage of your favorite prints.

Arrange prints that are similar in color and style to create a mesmerizing effect. You can organize the prints above a bed as a makeshift headboard or on a wall that needs some spicing up. The goal is to make a statement while capturing your personal style at the same time. Tie the display of prints together with matching frames that resonate with the rest of the room or use a series of photographs to tell a story.

A home is a reflection of those who live in it, which is why we praise the idea of personalizing your living space. Design*Sponge never ceases to impress us with their fresh ideas.

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