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No need to spend $500 on your DIY gallery wall. We did it for less than $65, check it out.

I am not an interior designer. I don’t play one on TV. I don’t even keep up with my Pinterest.

But I recently did something awesome to my house, and if *I* can make a sweet gallery wall in my living room for under 65 bucks, then I know for sure that you can too.

We have this one wall in our living room that has a sweet mini bar thing on it, and a quilt rack as well (my wife loves quilts). But the walls were bare.

drew house closing

Actually, let’s rewind a little more. We bought a house about a year ago, and we haven’t done very much decorating. Our tastes in decor are pretty different, and so we just talked a little about it, and then didn’t put much up on our walls. Anyway, the only thing we managed to put on this wall was a small set of 3 wooden square shelves that feature little knick knacks. Or is it bric-a-brac? (note to self, blog idea: knickknacks vs. bric-a-brac)

Anyway, at Fracture, we’ve recently turned our attention on our blog to home decor. And in starting to make that happen, I must say something happened. I don’t remember when exactly, and it didn’t even leave a mark.

I was bitten. I was definitely bitten at least once by the Design Bug.

Before I knew it I found myself scouring design blogs, and following a bunch of new people on Instagram, and resurrecting my dead Pinterest account.

And one other side effect happened: I started to stare at my mostly blank white walls, and get all kinds of antsy and inspired.

So, I had this idea to do a gallery wall, and I would not be deterred.

To be clear I have had TONS of design ideas for my home, which in many ways still is a mostly blank canvas, but this gallery wall presented some great low hanging fruit to pick and enjoy.

The very next Friday night I asked my wife a question I honestly thought I *NEVER* would ask.

“Hey babe, can we go yard-saling in the morning?”

Sidebar: Guys, know how to make your wife’s jaw drop, but in, like a SUPER positive way? Just drop that line right there. Oh, and actually mean it. Because I did. And it was awesome.

So we went yard-saling and I ended up with just two small paintings, one of which had a really light wood frame, which didn’t match anything in our living room.

So I did something ELSE totally out of my wheelhouse. I drove to my local ACE Hardware and bought a small can of dark wood stain. And I went out in the garage, and for the first time in my life, I stained something.

3 coats and two days later, I had my finished painting with a newly stained frame. But I didn’t have enough to cover the wall, and I definitely didn’t want to do it halfway and have to wait to finish it.

So the very next weekend, I was at it again.

The second Saturday yielded us about 5-6 pieces to hang on the wall, and that, combined with the random miscellany we had in the garage that we never hung, was enough to make this wall happen.

And so we did.


The first thing we did was lay out a big roll of brown paper and traced each item on the paper and cut it out. It took a little doing, but it was SO worth it!

After we had these templates, I took ten minutes and roughly sketched what each thing was on the pieces of paper.

Then we put painter’s tape on the back of all of them and hung them on the wall in various formations to see what we liked and didn’t.

When we had that part done, the hardest part was over. Now we just needed to replace each template by hanging the various pieces on the wall.

I probably could have used some better methods for how to hang things properly, but I was ready to get this thing done, so I eyeballed most of the pieces.

drew gallery wall post4

And before you knew it, we had ourselves a cool gallery wall in our living room.

Then we recycled all that brown paper, sat down and enjoyed our wall.

It felt SO satisfying to design something cool for my own house. And it felt even better that the total cost for all of that stuff (including the shelves we had already out up) was about $65!

That project scratched my design itch PERFECTLY. I can start to feel that itch come back though, which means I have to start thinking of what to do next.

The bathroom will certainly cost us more than $65 bucks to redo, but it may be my next target! I’ll write about that when it happens.

Have you done a Gallery Wall in your house? How was it? I’d love to see your photos below!


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