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5 Quick, Trendy, and Fun Tips on how to get your dream office

No matter who you are or what you do, having a designated space for productivity and creativity is an absolute necessity. No matter how much space you’re working with, creating an organized and stylish home office can be easy, fun and affordable. Here are five steps to creating a workspace that will inspire and motivate you to check everything off of your to-do list. 


Step 1: Find your Space

Maybe your home office space is a spare room or standalone loft- if so, skip right to step two! For many of us, finding home office space is not that simple. Get creative in your home or apartment and look for corners, nooks, or unused space you might not even realize you have. Here are a few of our favorites on how to get creative with your space.


Whether you live in a region that commonly has attics or one with basements, utilize that space for a working wonderland! It is far too often that attic and basement spaces are under-utilized as storage space for junk you don’t need. Clean them out for your own dream office.


Do you have a pocket of space near a fireplace, under a stairwell, or in your bedroom? Alleviate the awkwardness and put a cozy nook to good use with a mini workspace perfect for productivity.


Time to sacrifice a little closet space and transform your closet into your workspace. Remove the closet door for even more functionality.


Step 2: Find the Perfect Desk

Now that you’ve defined your space, it’s time to begin with the most important piece of the home office – the desk! Find your perfect piece, or check out some of our favorite DIY ideas for dressing up a basic one. Once you’ve chosen the perfect desk, you’ll have a starting-point for your office theme.


This simple Ikea desk was dressed up with simple wood strips that create a chic geometric design. We love it paired with these eclectic pieces.


Another hack for a basic Ikea table – apply adhesive and gold leaf to go from drab to shabby (chic, of course).


Save space and achieve that minimalist look with a desk that mounts right on to the wall. We love how this mounting system works for shelves, too.


This desk is described as clean, bright and timeless – we can definitely see why! We adore this beautiful piece of butcher’s block wood balanced atop two storage units.


This brilliant desk DIY is perfect for those of you creating workspaces in nooks or oddly-shaped places. The use of plywood gives this space an industrial feel (and it’s pretty dang inexpensive). This example is for a kid’s bedroom, but we see it working seamlessly for an adult’s space, too.


Adding updated legs to a desk or table can turn it into the perfect piece for a home office. These hairpin desk legs add an air of delicate fun to a plain table.


Step 3: Organize

Organization is the key to a successfully productive workspace. Define your own organization system with the help of some of our favorite hacks.


This creative space solution saves room on your desk and maximizes your ability to work. We love the pop of neon color painted on the inside of the succulent holder – so cute!


Magazine Makeover

Spruce up and utilize classic magazine holders to hold your important files and documents. This makeover is cute and functional – labeling each holder helps you to keep them organized.


This industrial-chic rail system is a great way to create more desk space by adorably hanging you office accessories on the wall. We love this spray-painted gold version for a touch of glam.


Keep small items that often clutter desks – think paper clips, staples, or thumb-tacks – in sweet accent bowls that complement your office space.


Repurpose some retro straw holders into containers for pencils and pens. Use paint pens to decorate on the glass and spray paint to match the lids with your office theme.


Step 4: Decorate

A beautiful workspace aids productivity and creativity. Decorate your space in a way that inspires you. Our #1 decorating tip for you home office is to choose a theme and go with it, playing around with color, texture and style until you create your dream space.


Turn an old or inexpensive mirror into a chalkboard sign perfect for a shabby chic office. Keep your frame white, or paint it with a pop of bright color for a fun look.


Find one-of-a-kind wall art that speaks to you and your home office on sites like Etsy. We love this simple gold piece that you can download right off of the internet.


Whether you choose a mood board, cork board, or even clipboards mounted to the wall, create a space for art and creativity in your home office. This pink mood board is definitely inspiring us!


We love this glamorous leather board for a home office going for the lavish vibe. This accent is easy to make and won’t break the bank, either.

Step 5: Accessorize

So you’ve picked your spot, assembled your desk, organized you things, and decorated your workspace. The last step and finishing touch to your dreamy home office is to add some sweet accessories. Whether you find these for cheap or splurge on a few nice items, accessories are the key to making your workspace uniquely your own. Here are some of our favorites to get you started:


Okay, who doesn’t need this decorative pineapple that doubles as a pencil holder? Your desk will be like a mini paradise year-round.


A glamorous stapler might just be a necessary luxury, right? Especially this Kate Spade one that is engraved with the saying “keep it together.” Accurate in more ways than one!


It’s official, we’re obsessed with these stamped clay pieces, especially the “pen house.” This DIY is perfect for a shabby chic desk and can be personalized for any theme.


If your home office has an earthy or beachy vibe, consider investing in these beautiful bookends to add the finishing touch to your space.

We hope that this five-step guide helps you create a space you love to work in.

What does your dream home office look like? Let us know in the comments.


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