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You don't have to sacrifice a great-looking home to have a pet!

In our homes, our pets are some of our most important and cherished residents. When designing our homes and incorporating new pieces we often forget about how our furry friends can often disrupt our decor feng shui. Here are some easy, fun, and stylish ways to include your pets into your home design while being pet-protected and trendy.

Metal Madness

When choosing side tables, chairs, and stools, go for a stand with a metal base. From scratching cats to nibbling puppies, these legs will be pet protected. 

Pro tip: To continue this trend throughout your home, select a food tray that matches the style of your furniture.


Tasty Treats

If you’re looking to upgrade from a plain, plastic treat bin, go for a colorful ceramic option. Add a pop of color to your kitchen with these fun containers.


Splurge on Sleeping

Instead of going for an inexpensive and plain bed, splurge on what will end up being more than third of your pet’s life (for dogs anyway). Pick a bed that not only your pooch will love but you will too. Choose a bed fit for a king (or queen!) that matches the style of your room.modern_colorful_dog_beds_collar_leash_01

Animal Area

Create a space right by the front door just for your pets. Store treats, leashes, toys, and poop bags all in one central area. Keep an old towel in this area too to wipe mud off after walks and play time. Pro tip: Get creative! This often will be one of the first places guests see after walking into your home, so make it fun. Choose fun cloth leashes and hooks for a pop of color.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.45.27 PM

Fun with Fabrics

Sick and tired of fur-covered fabric, opt for furniture made of easy to clean fabric, Crypton. Not only is this fabric easy to find on indoor-outdoor furniture, but it is nearly stain resistant as well. Another stylish option is going for leather based furniture. Although leather is easy to clean, it isn’t as easy to repair.Seagrass-furniture-ideas-sunroom-furniture-ideas-seagrass-sofa-coffee-table

Cover it Up

If you can’t find a fabric you love in leather or indoor-outdoor, go another route and get your furniture treated with Teflon. Teflon is a stain-repellent chemical which allows even the most delicate of fabrics to become pet-proof. Find out more about teflon treatment centers here.


Hard-Knock Floors

If possible, opt for hardwood or tile floors as opposed to carpet. They are easier to clean than carpet and can be accented with rugs. If you choose wall-to-wall carpet, choose a color similar to your pets’ fur so that it doesn’t stick out.


Purrfect Paint

When re-painting your rooms, keep your pets in mind. Go for a semi-gloss paint when picking out colors. It’s easy to clean and can withstand the everyday wear and tear pets can provide.

Bosch dishwasher - CR JULY 2012 Kitchen Package (rights managed)

Tidy Toys and Treats

As much as any pet owner loves a good squeak toy, try using cloth or rubber toys. These toys are sturdier and if they do begin to break, are easy to clean up.  In addition, opt for a cleaner treat than the typical pigs ear, which can cause unsightly stains and mess.


Skip the Expensive Rugs

While designing with pets in mind, opt for an inexpensive rug. All too frequently pets can ruin our favorite rugs; choosing a cheaper option will allow you to pick it up, clean it or toss it out. Place non slip strips on the bottom of each corner to prevent slips.  

Pro tip: When selecting a rug go for a woven rug as opposed to those with long strands that pets can dig into.

Safavieh-Hand-woven-Rag-Rug-Rust-Cotton-Rug-9-x-12-ab128059-3c50-4909-a27e-4669967fd91c_600Scratch no-more

Go down to your nearest pet store and grab a cat scratch post. If you’re feeling crafty, grab some thin rope and wrap it around the legs of a chair in your office or bedroom for a makeshift scratch post.

Pro tip: Sprinkle some cat nip around the base to attract your kitties. It will make it irresistible for them to stay away.


Soft Paws

Not a fan of cat scratch posts? No worries! Soft paws are a soft rubber nail cap to go over your pet’s nails! These covers are not harmful in any way, shape, or form for your furry friend. They fall off naturally and prevent pets from scratching at furniture or floors. They’re also small enough so they are able to retract their claws easily!Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 10.53.41 AM

Little Litter

For trendier litter boxes try out a litter box cover, or try hiding a litter box in a laundry hamper. You can do this by cutting a cat door on the side for your pets to slip in and out of. Make sure the hamper has a lid to hide your litter box.55b92d7a1700002500565f0e

Sleepy Snuggles

Cats and dogs alike love to snuggle up and sleep with their owners. To minimize fur & maximize cuddles, try putting a blanket on the end of your bed and couches where your pet likes to snooze. Not only can a blanket add a fun pop of color to any room, but they are easy to clean!

Blanket throw, aqua from BHG

Keep it Clean

Bathing your pets regularly can help keep your decor in tip top shape.

Have any creative design tips for pet owners? Let us know in the comments.

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