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Use these ideas to add some quick luxury to your home bathroom.

Everyone could use a little luxury in their life – especially at home. Turn your bathroom into your own personal palace by upgrading it with luxe new looks and features. These budget-friendly tricks will help you create the epic bathroom you always wanted, without breaking the bank.

Tile Time

Tiling the entire bathroom floor to ceiling – especially with quality tile – can be quite expensive. Instead, choose one or two walls to tile, such as the shower/tub area and the wall straight across from the door, as this is the wall with the most visual impact. Paint the rest of the room in a color that pairs well with the tile.

Another way to give the room a high-end look is to use the same tile on the floor and the wall, such as one with a marbled finish. Look for sales or close-outs to score the best deals on tile, or visit a local charity salvage yard like Habitat for Humanity ReStore; you never know what amazing deals you’ll find.

Fix that Frameless Mirror

You know that large, frameless mirror permanently adhered to the wall? Yeah, about that… yes, we know you need the mirror and no, you don’t have to replace it to get something that actually looks good. Instead, give it a frame to make it look like you chose the mirror on purpose. Build a frame out of boards and decorative molding – no nails or screws required. Or create a mosaic-style frame around the edge using mesh-mounted glass tiles, epoxy and grout.

A Stunning Ceiling

Upgrade the look of your bathroom with something entirely unexpected overhead – a stenciled ceiling! A complicated design is relatively easy to pull off with large stencils designed for walls. Start by painting the ceiling the same (non-white) color as the walls, then stencil in the design with white or another shade that plays nicely with the accent colors in the room. Neutral or earthy tones always work well in a bathroom, as they evoke a sense of tranquility.

Sumptuous Stone

Real stone bathroom elements like granite or Carrara marble are off the charts when it comes to price, but they make the bathroom look oh so luxurious. Sometimes it’s worth splurging on one item you like if it will really make the space special. Save loads by using just one stone element, such as a marble sink, instead of incorporating it throughout the entire bathroom. This way the room still exudes that high-end look without breaking the bank. You may be able to save even more if you can pick up a floor model, last year’s style, or a scratch-and-dent piece. In many cases, the damage is so slight that only you will ever notice it.

Save on Stone Flooring

Stone floor tile – especially in earthy tones – adds just the right type of natural element to enhance the spa-like, relaxing vibe in the bathroom. If you’ve got a strong urge for stone flooring under your feet, skip the granite, marble, or other pricy options. Instead, go for slate. It’s just as luxurious as the more expensive stones, and its slightly irregular surface looks much more earthy than smooth tile. Win/win.

Dresser Do-over

An ugly, exposed area under the sink is anything but luxurious. Create a completely new look by repurposing a salvaged dresser or sideboard into a stunning new vanity for the bathroom. This project works best when you’re replacing the sink too, so you can use the sink basin as a template for cutting a hole in the dresser. Once you’ve finished the plumbing, coat the dresser in several coats of polyurethane for added moisture protection.

Haute Hardware

Sometimes, making your bathroom more luxurious is simply a matter of tweaking what you already have. Give that basic factory-blah vanity a fresh coat of paint in a color worthy of a luxury hotel bathroom. Then replace the hardware with something a little more stylish, such as platinum-hued bin pulls. It’s amazing what a simple hardware swap can do for boring bathroom cabinets.

Go for the Good: Textiles

Ditch those dingy, worn-out, flimsy towels. Upgrade your daily drying duties with a set of fluffy oversized towels for a completely luxurious experience fitting of a spa. Not only will new towels look nice; they’ll feel amazing every time you use them.

As an added touch, dress up the floor with a fluffy, chic bath mat. This adds a contemporary look to the space and it feels wonderful under your feet. (Tip: pick one that’s completely machine washable with no rubberized backing. Your washer and dryer will thank you immensely.)

Let’s Roll

Hanging spare towels on a towel bar is so…. boring. Instead, roll the towels up spa-style and place them in decorative baskets, or stack the rolls in doorless cabinet. Choose several solid colors and stack the rolls for a layered look that screams “spa” no matter what the rest of the room looks like. This simple technique instantly upgrades the look of a guest bathroom. Plus it helps guests realize which towels are clean and ready to use.

Sumptuous Shower Experience

A shower should feel luxurious, no matter the size or the budget. One of the easiest ways to add awesomeness to your shower is by replacing the shower head with one that suits your showering style and packs plenty of its own. Go for a rainfall shower head if you enjoy a wide, gentle stream of water. Or choose a massaging head with numerous options if a water massage sounds like the ideal way to end your day. Some of the rainfall heads such as the Kohler Moxie even come stocked with a removable Bluetooth speaker for listening to your favorite songs in the shower. Singing in the rain, indeed.

Want another trick for making your shower more luxurious? Borrow a trick from hotel decorators and install a curved shower-curtain rod. It makes even a small shower/tub area feel a bit more spacious. This upgrade works especially well in a pint-sized bathroom used by overnight guests.

Beautiful Bathtub Tray

When it comes to luxury, it’s all about the feels. Enhance your next bubble bath with a DIY wood bathtub tray. It has enough room to hold a glass of wine, your fave bath products, and even your phone. (Better yet, skip the phone and simply enjoy your tub time.)

 Go Green(ery)

A live, low-maintenance plant such as ivy adds a touch of the outdoors to the bathroom while evoking a peaceful, welcoming energy – just like a luxury bathroom should. Pick a plant pot that matches the theme or color scheme of the room, such as a mod white or espresso-toned pot for a luxury hotel look. Keep the plant on a shelf or stand where it won’t be in the way. Make sure it is accessible enough to water it the few times it needs.

Fresh-cut flowers in a vase also add elegance to the experience. Choose different colors or themes to highlight different seasons or moods and keep things fresh, literally.

Which of these luxurious upgrades will you try? Let us know in the comments.

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