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If you don’t have pumpkins in your home, you’re probably doing fall decor wrong. Check out this guide for more useful tips on your DIY home decor this fall!

Nothing says fall like fireside hues, cinnamon-scented pinecones, and pumpkin spice lattes. The annual arrival of October always seems to widen the opportunities to express your fall spirit. Here are a few of our favorites this year.

Front Porch

The front door sets the tone so make sure it’s festive and tasteful.

Erin at Earnest Home Co.’s Fall Wreath

Wreaths have always been, and will probably always be, an extremely popular element to the front porch. Erin from “Earnest Home Co.” has a beautiful way to make leafy wreaths here.

Jaime’s Large Wooden Door Tags

Jaime’s large wooden door tags can be painted any color and can say anything from “give” and “thanks” to “welcome” or “happy holidays.” Use rope to tie them together and up into a bow.

Popsugar has even more ideas on how to dress up your front porch.


Bring the rustic fall theme into your kitchen with this “farmers market” basket board; check out Lo’s post on “Home with Lo” for more details.

Home with Lo’s Farmers Market Fruit Holder

For any kitchen with an island, a small centerpiece could make the room. Add a vase of flowers next to some little pumpkins or a bowl of pinecones, and don’t forget to put some fall leaf or plaid dish towels by the sink or stove. Even a jar of candy corn in the corner could add some holiday spirit to your kitchen!

Erin and Ben’s Fall-Themed Kitchen Decor

Erin and Ben’s blog post on “How to Nest for Less” shows a series of ways to add something subtle but decorative to energize your kitchen.

Dining Room

Homearchite’s Mason Jar Utensil Holder

If you’re like most people and you don’t like washing dishes, plastic silverware is a must during the holidays. This DIY holder makes ordinary forks and knives look much trendier. Take a wooden box (or any box you like) and place three painted mason jars (one for forks, one for spoons, and one for knives) in the middle. Tie a bow around the mason jars or paint them different colors to add a flare.

Better Homes & Garden’s Green Vegetable Centerpiece

Centerpieces are a dinning room staple. Use large baskets or boxes to put an assortment of things in like leaves or pine cones as well as lanterns with candles. If you’re feeling brave, you can get extra creative. Put a candle in a carved-out artichoke; or wrap green veggies, like string beans or asparagus, around a candle and tie it together with ribbon.

Because It’s Awesome’s Uniquely Colored Table Setting

Even though warmer colors are typical during this time of year, the table setting can be colorful and fun. This “Because it’s Awesome” blog post features place settings, napkins, and centerpieces that defy the usual fall themes.

Living Room

Plum Pretty Decor & Design’s Neutral Colored Centerpiece

If you’re living room has more neutral colors, but you still want to incorporate the October spirit, check this out. Kayla’s post from “Plum Pretty Decor and Design” shows off this small centerpiece that is great for a coffee table.

Inspiring Pretty’s Pinecone Garland

Look at Claire’s simple but neat decorations that you could put almost anywhere in your home. In her blog post on “Inspiring Pretty,” she shows different types of wreaths using things like corn and wheat. She also proves that garland isn’t just for Christmas anymore.


In Lauren’s blog post from “Design Sponge,” she talks about some uncommon ways to bring fall into your bedroom.

Design Sponge’s Hanging Planter

Bring the plants inside! Fall means cooler weather, and indoors is not just safer for your plants, but a fresh look for your home. Check out this post on a DIY hanging planter.

Design Sponge’s Copper Candle Holders

Add some warmth to any room with these homemade copper metallic candle holders found here. Use a cookie cutter to cut dry clay as the base of the holder. Then add adhesive to the outside rim of the clay circle and wrap take a sheet of copper around the circular base. Punch holes in the sheet to give it decoration.

For even more ideas check out this post.


If you don’t have pumpkins in your home, you’re probably doing fall decor wrong.

Rayan Turner shows us some fresh new ideas on DIY pumpkins in “The Design Confidential.

The Design Confidential’s Marble Pumpkins

Rayan has a trendy faux marble pumpkin for those who want to be in-style this season.

The Design Confidential’s Skeleton Pumpkins

She also found a way to make a spooky yet tasteful skeleton pumpkin for those who want a more haunted themed house this October.

There are many more ways to decorate your pumpkins; here’s a few to get you started.

With all the latest and greatest trends this season, there’s one piece of advice to remember: make it your own. Your home should almost always be a celebration of yourself and your family so why not add your own personal touches to it? Pro tip: while you have your home decked out for fall, don’t forget to have fun and take advantage of it and capture every moment. You never know which memory will be the finishing touch to your home decor. 

How are you decorating for fall? Share your decor below!

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