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You just picked up your new print from the store. Well, now what? Placing your pictures on your wall in that perfect spot can be tricky and time consuming. Especially if you don’t have an expensive, high-tech drill. We’ve come up with some innovative and resourceful ways to make your life easier so that you can spend less time hanging up your favorite memories and more time enjoying them.


1. Utilize the level tool on your smartphone!

The easiest way to make sure your pictures look flawless on your wall is to make sure that they’re leveled. Apple devices have a built-in leveler feature through the Compass app that provides an accurate representation of how leveled your Fracture or picture frame is. All you have to do is open the Compass app and swipe right. It will tell you the degrees that you’re off by and let you adjust accordingly until you get it perfect. This is a great tool to have for a lot of home and crafty projects, especially since it’s free and built-in! For Android users, there is a free leveler app that we recommend called Bubble Level that is very similar to the iPhone leveler.


2. The Toothpaste Trick

A product that (hopefully) everyone has in their home is toothpaste. This trick is an easy and messy-free way to position your pictures before you hang them up. All you have to do is dab toothpaste onto the hook of the frame. Then, hold the frame up to decide where you want it. Once it’s in the perfect spot, push it against the wall. Now you know where to place the nail. Make sure you wipe off the toothpaste and voilà!


3. Nail and Clothespin Method

Do you frequently hang things up or decorate around your home? If you answered yes to either of those questions, you should definitely try this picture hanging hack to save yourself some time in the long run! First, you hammer a nail in a clothespin, just like the picture above. Then, hang your picture on the nail on the clothespin. Find your spot on the wall, and just like the toothpaste method, push the clothespin against the wall and this will mark exactly where the nail should go.


BONUS TIP: Velcro Command Strips

Drilling and making holes in your wall sometimes ends up taking more effort and time than it’s worth in the long run. When you want to move your photos around or paint a wall, you often realize there are gaping holes in the wall from your nails that you have to spackle and cover up. We have an affordable, time-saving technique that ensures you never have to make a hole in your wall ever again. Velcro command strips are an affordable and alternative way to hang your pictures.


EXTRA BONUS TIP: Want to hang up something heavy?

If you have something that is on the heavier side that you want to hang on your wall, gorilla/monkey hooks are definitely the way to go. They are sturdy hooks that are directly pushed into drywall and they can hold up to 35 lbs.

How do you hang and display your pictures?

Photo Credit: Level, Velcro, Toothpaste, Clothespin, Gorilla Hooks


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Drew Allen

Drew Allen

Besides being the managing editor of this blog, I'm also a drummer, a husband, and a father, not necessarily in that order. I love good stories, and great design, and I probably quote the Office more than I should but less than I could.

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  1. Robert
    July 15, 2015 at 1:47 pm

    Do you know how the command picture hanging strips work with fractures? I’ve never used them and thought they used a hook, but at appears the use adhesive directly in contact with the frame, which a fracture doesn’t have. I thought this would be an easy way to hang fractures, but I’m concerned considering the backing material of the fracture. Any idea?