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Our homes play several roles in our lives, but most importantly, it’s the place where we can be our complete and total selves. Reflecting personality and values in a home is what makes it unique. As we grow and change, our taste in things often does too. We’ve done some research and are here to help you spruce up your living space with quick and easy design ideas.

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1. Gallery Walls

A trendier option, but a great one nonetheless. Gallery walls are popping up everywhere.. Try framing things like feathers or flowers, hanging small air plants or old plates, and maybe even printing a page in a book. Don’t forget to vary the sizes of hangings! It’s fun to mix texture and style to bring interest to the eye. Layla Grace and Dwell Studio have a few unique wall accents of their own. Gallery walls are ideal for areas that need a statement, like above a couch, up a stairwell or even as a headboard substitute. If you’re worried about finding prints or have no idea where to start or how to even hang your frames, we have several tips and tricks from experts on how to plan the perfect gallery wall.

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2. Rugs

The right rug can change the look of an entire room. With so many options, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll find one that fits your taste. Anthropologie and Serena and Lily both have a wide assortment of rugs ranging from rustic, colorful, and floral patterns. Rugs can help define a space and bring warmth to a room with hard floors. If you really want to amp up the style, try layering two rugs with different textures to bring focus to an area. See examples here.

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3. Tapestries

Tapestries are a great alternative to painting a wall, which is super helpful if you’re renting a space or living in a dorm. They’re affordable, stylish and can be switched out easily. Most tapestries are priced under $100, with some starting at only $15, and come in a ton of different patterns, colors and landscape scenes. Check out Society6 and Royal Furnish for some amazing options.

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4. Ambiance

Create the homiest of spaces with a few simple touches. Candles, throw blankets and string lights are so easy to find. Joanna Gaines’ exclusive line at Target has affordable options that don’t lack in style.Change candle scents and the thickness of throw blankets to match the weather, and your home will feel new and perfect for every season. Shop some of our favorite candle collections at Bath and Body Works,  Voluspa and Capri Blue, and find throw blankets at TJ Maxx. You’ll be surprised how these small changes will make a huge difference.

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