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It's easier than you might think.

I’m not someone you would call “handy.” If you put a hammer in my hand, you should probably take cover.

Luckily, Fractures come ready to mount right out of the box with just a few simple steps. Once you’ve received your Fracture in the mail, it’s time to display it on your walls for all your friends and family to admire.

It’s a really fast process, and you’ll quickly have your favorite images ready to showcase on your walls. No hammers required!

What you’ll need:

  • Your Fracture
  • One Wall-Dog™ screw (included with all Fractures)
  • Scissors
  • Phillips Screwdriver

Step 1: Open it like it’s Christmas

Once your Fracture arrives in the mail, start by taking it out of it’s secure packaging. To open, carefully take a pair of scissors to cut through the tape. Next, take your Fracture out of the box and cut the plastic banding to remove the package insert.

Now that your Fracture is free from its packaging, locate the small groove in the foam-core backing that secures your Fracture and protects the glass during shipping. Using your finger, gently pry up the glass edge and release your Fracture from the packaging.

All Fractures come complete with a free Wall-Dog™ screw. The screw is 1-1/4 inch long and can be used for concrete, masonry, and can be placed directly into drywall without the need of an anchor. The best part is that they can be used for any size Fracture.

Step 2: A Little Bit Of Elbow Grease

Once you’ve found a place on your wall, it’s time to grab your Phillips screwdriver and make a pre-hole for your screw by working the screwdriver back and forth. Now that you’ve made a small puncture, you can place your mounting screw into it. Start twisting the screw by hand until it can be turned in the rest of the way with your screwdriver. Be sure you don’t apply too much pressure or you may accidentally push through the drywall.

The best way to mount Fractures to any wall is to ensure the mounting screw is flat and even with the wall when placed. If you feel comfortable using an electric screwdriver or drill, these work great too.

 Step 3: Ready… Set… Hang Your Fracture!

You’ve picked out the perfect place to display your Fracture, and now it’s time to display it proudly. Just flip your Fracture over and you will see a keyhole cut out on the foam-core backing, this is where the head of the screw fits in. For large and extra large Fractures, the keyhole will include a metal reinforcement to secure the extra weight. Don’t worry, your Fracture is safe and secure with the Wall-Dog™ screw in place.

Be careful you don’t apply downward force on the Fracture or it will damage the foam-core backing. Just let gravity do all the work, as the weight of the Fracture will set itself into place.

That’s it. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done. You deserve it.

Check out the full video tutorial and tell us what you think!

If you have any suggestions for other Fracture tutorials, tell us below.


The Author

Shay Rosner

Shay Rosner

Video Intern for Fracture. Camera always in hand. Yogi. Seasoned cross-country traveler.