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Have you ever looked in a magazine and thought “Man, I wish my nightstand looked like that” or maybe you’ve thought “That’s just too much effort, and my nightstand never stays that neat and organized.” Well, what if I told you that it’s totally possible to have a perfectly styled nightstand that’s functional and stays neat and organized too – in just 3 easy steps? Here’s my top 3 tips on a simplified way to decorate a beautiful nightstand.


How to Style a Picture Perfect NightstandMy hubby is the king of over cluttering his nightstand and using it as a “junk drawer” so when I redecorated our master suite, I chose smaller, less spacious nightstands with only one drawer for storing – smart move (patting myself on the back). It’s important to find the right piece for your space and for your specific needs. Take measurements of the space where you want your nightstand to go. Make sure that you maximize the space and pick the right style. My old nightstands were small and bulky and served as junk drawers for us. I wanted a more light and airy design for my newly redecorated room, so I chose a clean look with an open design. It was important for me to not encourage clutter, so choosing a design with more space on the top, was more important than having extra drawer space.


The first accessory that I always purchase for any nightstand, side table, etc. is the appropriate light fixture. It’s important to find the right piece and finding the right size is even more important. I decided to do small lamps, so the first step I always take is measuring the space from the top of my nightstand to the top of the headboard. Why is this important, you ask? You want to be sure your lamp won’t be too big or too small and that the lampshade is the appropriate size and height for your surface and doesn’t overpower it. I found 2 matching lamps at Target and ended up switching out the lampshades for smaller ones. The lamps were the perfect height with the smaller lampshades.

How to Style a Picture Perfect Nightstand


After you choose your light fixture you can decorate around it. For my husband’s nightstand, I wanted to keep it super simple. With guys, the general rule tends to be, ‘less is more’. When styling your nightstand remember to create a focal point that is visually and aesthetically appealing. I used a linear design for my husband’s nightstand. I love greenery so I added a faux flower from HomeGoods in a large square vase. The clean lines of the square vase looked more masculine to me, so that’s why I chose it for his side. I grabbed a few of his favorite books and added them accordingly.

How to Style a Picture Perfect Nightstand

One thing I was determined to do was come up with a more practical way of organizing his watches while still neatly displaying them instead of throwing them in a drawer or having them randomly scattered around. So I found a gold terrarium, that I absolutely loved, and thought it was the perfect solution. It serves as a neat little display that also keeps them organized and showcases them beautifully!

How to Style a Picture Perfect Nightstand

I decided on a staggered design for my nightstand and incorporated different heights. Creating different heights allows you to see everything and it’s also visually pleasing to the eye. It creates a flow and a balance. I incorporated a few personalized elements to my nightstand because I feel like these little additions are what really make a home yours. I added my favorite stationery and my favorite Fracture prints, from our wedding, to both our nightstands to complete the look.

How to Style a Picture Perfect Nightstand

Voila!!! Now you have a perfectly styled magazine-worthy nightstand and it was super simple and easy, just as I had promised. Thanks for reading and I hope you feel inspired!

Picture-Perfect-Nighstand-Fracture-Photo-Prints7About the Author:

Chári Herndon is an interior decorator and home decor blogger. Decorating small spaces
with big ideas on a budget. Visit her site for more about Chári and her writing!

What does your nightstand have on it?


The Author

Chári Herndon

Chári Herndon

Chári Herndon is an interior decorator and home decor blogger. Decorating small spaces with big ideas on a budget.