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These 11 Quirky Gadgets Make Cooking More Fun

The kitchen just maybe the most gadget-worthy room in the house, since every kitchen task requires its own sets of tools. Besides, who doesn’t love a few amazing gadgets? These 11 awesome kitchen items can make your life a lot easier – and a lot more fun. They just may be some of the best things since sliced bread.


Multi-Blade Herb Scissors

Fresh herbs can’t be beat when it comes to flavoring your latest culinary creation. Instead of cutting your herbs with a knife, check out these multi-blade herb scissors that save your fingers while saving you time. Just snip the herbs right over the dish as you cook, no cutting board necessary. These special scissors also come with a cleaning comb to help loosen herb bits that stick to the blade.


Tap-on Faucet

Your hands are covered in who knows what and you definitely want to wash them… NOW. Touching the handle on the kitchen faucet would make that a mess as well. Now what? This tap-on faucet solves the problem for you; just tap it anywhere with the back of your hand or even your elbow and the water turns on. Turn it off again the same way. No more messy (or germy) faucet handles. As an added bonus, this faucet also has a pull-away spray wand that snaps back into proper position, thanks to magnets. It’s like magic for your kitchen.


Kitchen Mount for Tablets

Tablets make it so much easier to try out recipes you find online, but they take up valuable counter space. Here’s an idea – get a tablet mount to hold your iPad (or any tablet) up out of the way while you work. This tablet’s retractable arm allows you to position the tablet any way you like and it locks back in place once you’re done. It even comes with an extra set of hardware; mount one beneath a cabinet and another near the kitchen table so you can watch videos over breakfast.


Custom Pancake Printer

Pancakes shaped like Mickey Mouse’s face are so last century. What if you could print your own pancakes that looked like a robot, an arrow or a narwhal, just because? Surprise – you can, with The PancakeBot. The PancakeBot has its own design software, or you can load in images of your own (or their premade designs) via an SD card. Just load the pancake into the chamber on the moving arm assembly, choose your design, and the batter is “printed” onto the hot griddle work surface below. Your house just became the coolest one in the neighborhood.


Shake-and-Peel Garlic Tool

Some foods simply must have fresh garlic, but peeling garlic isn’t all that much fun, especially when you need a lot of it. Enter the GarlicShaker, which peels cloves in seconds. Just break an entire head of garlic into cloves, toss them into the shaker, replace the lid and shake the device for up to 30 seconds. Open it up and you’ve got perfectly peeled cloves, every time.


Pizza Scissors

A wheel-style pizza cutter is a great kitchen tool to own, but it doesn’t always cut all the way through the pizza or the edge of the crust. It also leaves marks in your pizza pan. If you enjoy pizza as much as we do, pizza scissors could be a great gadget for your kitchen. These also have a built-in spatula, making it even easier to slice one slice out from the rest. Simple and useful.


Nesting Knives

Every kitchen needs a good set of knives. The downside: a knife block takes up valuable counter space and doesn’t look all that great – nor do the knives. Feast your eyes on the Deglon Meeting Knife Set which seems to accomplish the impossible: each knife nests inside the next. This four-knife set stashes neatly away in a drawer, but also looks sharp enough to show off when dinner guests arrive.


Laser-Embossed Rolling Pins

A rolling pin is a given in the kitchen of any baker, but the typical rolling pin is nothing but boring. Upgrade your cookies with awesome designs using a laser-embossed rolling pin. Every cookie can have a “made with love” message on it, or zebra print, skulls, celtic knots… you get the idea. The designer of these Etsy offerings also takes custom orders.


Instant Odor Remover

Even if you enjoy the scent of onions or garlic, you probably don’t appreciate the odor as much when it’s on your hands. Washing your hands with soap and water sometimes doesn’t even remove these difficult odors right away. The Amco Rub Away Bar – the top-selling item in Amazon’s kitchen gadgets section – removes even strong fish odors from your hands, quickly. Just rub the soap-shaped stainless steel bar between your hands with water, as you would if using an actual bar of soap. A chemical reaction occurs between the steel and the odor-causing components on your hands, removing the smelly molecules from your skin.


Bag Resealer

No one likes stale snack foods. Then again, you also don’t want to eat an entire bag of chips in a couple of days. (Well, maybe you do, like us, but your willpower is strong.) The solution: reseal the bag with this simple bag sealer that uses heat to melt the sides of the bag opening back together again. This small, battery operated device comes in handy for snack bags and also for reusing or creating your own storage bags. It also comes in handy if you enjoy giving homemade cookies or spiced nuts as gifts to your friends and loved ones, since you can give the gifts in actual sealed bags, like a pro.


Instant Wine Chiller/Aerator

You like your wine a little on the chilly side. You didn’t put the wine bottle in the fridge, and forget about using ice cubes to chill your drink. This awesome multi-purpose wine pourer chills the wine as it pours and aerates it for the best flavor. To use it, put the chiller stick in the freezer for a couple hours (or just keep it there until you need it). Pour half a glass of wine, insert the chill stick in the wine bottle, then pour the rest of your glass. Perfectly chilled beverages every time.

What is your favorite kitchen gadget? Let us know in the comments below.

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