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Whether you’re the avid HGTV watcher, frequent Pinterest user or home decor enthusiast, you’ve definitely seen some stunning gallery walls that are to die for. Planning your perfect space can get overwhelming and especially time consuming. We’ve put together a list of wall decor trends and inspiration so you can make your decor the perfect conversation starter.

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1. Balance and Placement

If you’re worried about placement and balance when creating a photo collage, here’s what you can do: Cut paper to the size and shape of the pictures you want to put up, and then arrange them on the wall with painter’s tape. Play around with the layout until you find the ideal configuration.

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2. Clustering

Consider clustering different sizes of photos together for a more organic feel. There is no rule that says they have to form a square or rectangle!

When grouping photos in a cluster, you can add three-dimensional words and other home decor to break the monotony, but make sure they are relevant to the story the pictures are telling, or at the very least, do not detract from it.

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3. The Art Gallery Look

If you’re going for the art gallery look, you can achieve it by arranging photos of the same size in one perfect row over the other. For a dramatic look, blow up the images and space them out equally on the hallway wall.

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4. Panorama

If you have a great panorama shot of your last amazing vacation, why not turn it into wall art? This is a great way to fill a large area of space by breaking up your image and spreading it out across the wall. When the image is frameless and printed directly onto glass, the visual effect is even more stunning. For some other panorama inspiration, check out this great Pinterest board!

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5. Triptych or Polytych

If you’re feeling brave, you can go create a mosaic by dividing an enlarged image into several smaller pieces. Hang them up as they were, or remove a few pieces along the edges for a modern twist. It can provide a captivating focal point for the living room and be a great conversation starter!

The benefits of using family photos as decor are endless. What steps will you take to make your decor happier and homier?

Photo credit: Pixabay, Mosaic by Ohana, Pinterest, Mural Mate, Tookapic

From gallery walls to panorama art, here are some easy home decor tips and tricks to help you decorate your walls!


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