Check out how making every day feel like Earth Day is part of our company culture.

The world is an incredible place.

It’s the canvas upon which our stories and memories are created. Here at Fracture, we want to protect and cherish that canvas as much as possible. We take it upon ourselves to be as responsible and considerate to our environment as possible – ecologically, socially and fiscally.

That’s why Earth Day will always be our favorite day of the year.

How We’re Celebrating Earth Day

For the past four years on Earth Day, we have donated a portion of our sales to Trees for the Future. This year is no different. From April 20th through April 22nd, 10% of all sales will go to Trees for the Future.

When you support Fracture and Trees for the Future on Earth Day weekend, you are helping plant forest gardens. Forest gardens are formed when nitrogen-fixing trees are planted along the borders of fields to protect fruit and vegetable crops from erosion and pests.

This simple yet innovative approach to reforestation is also changing the lives of families in Sub-Saharan Africa by providing them with food, firewood, and feed for their livestock.  Local farmers and their families learn crop diversity and benefit from healthier diets, increased incomes, and decreased risk of crop losses.

Tree’s for the Future’s methods are as interesting as they are inspiring. We encourage anyone who is interested to learn more about them, and consider donating.

How We Celebrate Earth Day All Year Long

Our planet is our home and our greatest resource 365 days a year — which is why our focus on treading lightly on the planet is something that we focus on year round. Here are the things that Fracture does every single day to ensure that our carbon foot print is as small as possible.

“At Fracture, we care deeply about the environment. In fact, one of our core values that we take very seriously is treading lightly on the planet. We’re always looking for ways — big and small — to lessen our impact, lower our footprint, and give back whenever and wherever possible.”
-Abhi Lokesh, CEO of Fracture

We are a carbon-neutral company. 

Being carbon neutral means that we work to reduce all of our carbon emissions as much as possible (more on that below), and in the places that we can’t eliminate those carbon emissions completely, we work with We Are Neutral to offset those emissions through the planting of trees.

And when we say “all of our carbon emissions”, we really do mean all. From our manufacturing process to employee travel, we take all of our carbon emissions into account. It’s not always easy, but it’s how we are committed to doing business.

We conserve energy.

At Fracture, we reduce energy usage as much as possible. We almost solely use natural light to light the office side of our business. This also includes keeping our A/C at a reasonable level – never too cold or too warm. We additionally have various means of reducing wasted energy in our production process when possible.

We reduce waste.

Fracture has a clear culture of reducing waste, staying mindful of waste, ecological concerns, and our role in our community, as well as keeping a clean shop.

We stubbornly designed our packaging with ecology in mind to reduce overall materials used and to keep the materials 99% renewable and recyclable. In addition to that, we’ve worked hard to make it lightweight so it takes less energy to transport.

We take extreme measures to make sure that any and all toxic, not-nice chemicals are disposed of properly. This may seem like a no-brainer, but we’ve found that this is often overlooked.

We’re committed to recycling. 

Our product is made of glass, ink and foam board. Glass thrown into the landfill (which we go to great lengths to avoid) isn’t recycled, but it is very low impact. The ink is in a solid plastic form so it doesn’t leach harmful chemicals. The foam board is something we’re working on improving because it’s not the best it could be.

To date, we have recycled over 150,000 pounds of glass. We recycle all of our paper and cardboard material, too. We also reclaim any and all prints rejected by our stringent quality control inspection.

Fracture also recycles a bunch of other stuff, like cans and bottles and also all of the scrap aluminum and steel that comes out of our R&D adventures.

How You Can Celebrate Earth Day

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate Earth Day on your own, check out Acts of Green. Together, the Earth Day Network has reached 2,688,209,868 Acts of Green. To contribute your own Act of Green to the Earth Day Network’s goal of 3 billion Acts of Green by 2020, you can…



Earth Day Facts

On April 22nd, 192 countries will join together from across the globe to celebrate and advocate for our home, the Earth. 2019 marks the 49th anniversary of Earth Day worldwide, and this year’s theme is environmental and climate literacy. In honor of that, we have compiled some facts about Earth Day and our planet that will inspire you to stand with us for Mother Earth. Like the Earth Day Network, we believe that “education is the foundation of progress” and hope to help empower the public with the knowledge to inspire action in defense of environmental protection. Check it out below!

earth day facts



If you’d like to donate to Trees for the Future yourself, we absolutely encourage it. Click here to learn more.