What are people doing with Fracture Prints?

One of the greatest compliments we received from our customers is the kind words they give in reviews and social shares (using #focusonmoments). The ultimate compliment is when they include an image of their Fracture on display. Sometimes the image is so good, we can’t keep it to ourselves. Below you’ll find pictures and comments from some of our customers. They tell their story way better than we ever could, so we’re presenting their comments with links to their original posts. Enjoy!

fracture print over vanity

Well this is now my favorite moment in the whole house.
@laurabroder on Instagram


Digital landscape art made into a Fracture print

Four paintings are visible in this photo. It feels great to be able to see my work on display in our home. Thank you, Fracture.
@jconway on Instagram


Triptych of Venetian gondolas on glass Fracture prints

This triptych is in the living room. Slowly getting some good-sized trip pix to display. Thank’s Fracture.
Rick Kennerly on Facebook


Photography Family Tree on a Wall Using Fracture Glass Prints

I love my family tree of Fractures!!
Kristen Starcevich‎ on Facebook


Home Decor using Fracture Glass Prints

Here are a few more of my fracture prints, these are my images printed directly on glass in vivid color! I still can’t get over how beautiful they are! These would make such a unique and special gift for the holidays!
@fwmadebycarli on Instagram


Desk photo made from Fracture Glass Print

If you are looking for a super cool way to bring your digital photos into the analog world, check out @.
@frrocketdan on Instagram


Family photo collage on Fracture glass prints

Lastest Fractures on the wall
@shutternspice on Twitter


Travel pictures in a wall collage made of Fracture glass prints.

Love @fractureme
@dcinwashington on Twitter


If you have a Fracture print on display in your home, we’d love to see it! Post it on Twitter or Instagram with #howifracture, share it on our Facebook page, or email us. We can’t wait.

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