Here is a list of all of our awesome interns over the years!

Fall 2017 Interns

Anna Cappelli

Hey! My name is Anna Cappelli, and I am currently a third-year public relations major with an outside concentration in both dance and Italian at the University of Florida – sounds odd, right? As cheesy and dorky as it might sound, I have an immense thirst for knowledge, and if this school is going to provide me with such opportunities, I will inevitably take advantage of them. Digital marketing is one of my newer, but equally strong, passions, and I’m thrilled to learn more about all the elements that go into it at Fracture.

In the few spaces that allow for free-time in my vibrantly colored agenda, I’m generally found re-watching Friends for the 12th time, scrolling through baking videos on Instagram or reading my, also vibrantly colored, Bible. Growing up as the oldest of four has prepared me for immense loads of responsibility, and I can’t wait to see what Fracture throws at me!

Taylor Wilson (another Taylor)

Hello! My name is Taylor Wilson. I am a fourth-year public relations major at the University of Florida. I am pumped for the opportunity to intern with such a fresh and innovative company like Fracture. I discovered Fracture and its energizing atmosphere from the one and only, Tato. I am passionate about videography and photography and capturing life’s special moments, which is why I feel Fracture is the perfect fit for me.

When I am not working at Fracture, you can find me playing beach volleyball or editing videos from my latest adventure (with Tato usually). One day, I hope to run my own video production business, so if you happen to see me carrying a GoPro around, or my face behind a camera, just act natural. I am so excited to work with Fracture this semester, to learn from people who are at the forefront of their fields and actually love what they do.  

Summer 2017 Interns


Hey! My name is Taylor Torok, or Tato (as the Fracture team calls me), and I am a third-year Telecommunications major at the University of Florida pursuing an outside concentration in Marketing. I am so excited to begin working as an intern alongside the forward-thinking, innovative team here at Fracture! One of the biggest draws to Fracture for me is how this company remains on the leading edge in technology and digital marketing, and of course, the cool office culture and close-knit team doesn’t hurt.

When I am not at the office, I can pretty much always be found either at Starbucks scrolling through Pinterest, at the gym taking a spin class, or outdoors somewhere reading a good book. One day, I hope to work in the world of lifestyle media, so I often share my favorite BuzzFeed and PopSugar articles with my friends (and often they pretend to be interested in the 5th article I’ve shared about DIY cleaning supplies). I am so excited for all that I am going to learn about social media management, digital marketing, and Fracture itself throughout my time here!


Hello! My name is Brock Brames and I am a Sophomore at the University of Florida pursuing a B.S.B.A. in Marketing and Master’s in Information Systems and Operations Management. I discovered Fracture and their amazing atmosphere after talking to Tori Tippin, a previous intern.  I’m absolutely pumped to begin working with the innovative and passionate team at Fracture.  Digital marketing is right up my alley and I can’t wait to develop my skills further in social media curation and campaign analytics.

You won’t find someone more passionate about brand identity, consistency, and details than me.  In my free time you can find me scouring over the fine details of athletic aesthetics (see Uni-Watch) or creating FIRE graphics in Adobe Photoshop.  The rest of my time is filled with hard work in the gym and debating Star Wars theories with my friends till 3 a.m.  After living in states both far away (Michigan), obscure (Arkansas), and now right here in (extremely hot in the summer) Florida I’m very open to all cultures, experiences, music, and food. I’m excited to take on new challenges and grow along with Fracture throughout the Summer!


Spring 2017 Interns



Hello! I am so excited to join the Fracture internship squad for a second semester. I am a third-year public relations and web design major at the University of Florida with a passion for strong language and communication. This spring, I look forward to teaching the new interns all about the social media curation, digital marketing and content creation that make this internship so intensive and interesting. I hope that I can be a leader (and supportive cheerleader) for the other interns as we get the ball rolling in 2017. Fracture is an exceptionally smart and innovative company, and I love learning from the (equally smart and innovative) Fracture team. 

I have a passion for beautiful language and strong communication, and that has shaped me academically, professionally, and personally. I’ve got a good quote for everything, and I love a good book or podcast. When I’m not a Fracture or in the classroom, you may find me indulging in my guilty pleasures-Diet Coke and The Bachelor-or experimenting in the kitchen per my 2017 resolution to cook more whole foods. I am excited for all of the challenges, changes, and opportunities that the new year will bring. Cheers!



Hi there! My name is Anne Redmond and I am a Senior Marketing major at the University of Florida. I can’t think of a better way to round out my college career than spending my final undergraduate semester as a Spring Intern for such a dynamic and forward-thinking company. The Fracture team is passionate about celebrating the unique stories every person has to share, and that passion is brought to life through its product. I am thrilled to play a role in Fracture’s story, and am grateful for the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the always-evolving digital marketing world from some of the most talented people in the biz.

When I’m not at Fracture, there is a 97% chance you can find me enabling my soft serve addiction at D’Lites, curating masterpiece Spotify playlists, or daydreaming about where my wanderlust will take me next – a few of my favorite places in the world include Edinburgh, Scotland, Machu Picchu, Peru, and Bergamo, Italy. The remainder of my time is consumed by filling a new page in my sketchbook or relishing the comfort of a good book. My ideal career includes a combination of all of these things, but until I can find a job with that description, I hope to employ my passion for social innovation at a human-centered design consulting firm. In the meantime, I am excited to hit the ground running at Fracture!



Hey y’all! My name is Chase Granger and I am thrilled to be a part of the spring class of interns here at Fracture. I am a third-year public relations student at the University of Florida, hoping to pursue a career in the media field. Digital marketing is a recent interest of mine and I am looking forward to all that the incredible members of this team have to teach me.

Peppermint tea, cheeseburgers and leather-bound journals are just a few of my favorite things. When I’m not planning my week with an hour-by-hour breakdown (not kidding, you should see my beautifully color-coordinated planner), you’ll probably find me on my couch watching 22 Jump Street with my roommates for the 100th time or in a power yoga class. I can’t wait for the semester of growth that this internship is going to help me cultivate!



Hello! My name is Taylor Cook and I am looking forward to being a part of the awesome team here at Fracture this spring! I am in my second year pursuing a B.A.S. in Digital Media Production from Santa Fe College. Go Saints! My role here will be creating awesome videos and photos for Fracture’s social media platforms.

When I am not at Fracture I can be found doing carpentry or out exploring and camping in the woods, all while taking photos and videos of each adventure. And if I am not doing either of those I am consuming copious amounts of coffee and working on projects for school. I am excited and humbled to be given an opportunity to learn about all aspects of marketing while interning here at Fracture.


Fall 2016 Interns



Hi there! My name is Amanda DioGuardi and I am a junior at the University of Florida majoring in Public Relations. I am so excited to get started here at Fracture, especially after hearing such amazing things from previous interns Lauren and Jess! I can already tell the office atmosphere is incredible, and the office pup Rajah keeps everyone upbeat and energetic.

When I’m not at Fracture, you can find me reading, blogging, eating sushi, or online shopping. Although I love a good book, I’d say I spend most of my day reading lifestyle and fashion blogs. I cannot wait to intern here and learn more about the ever-changing digital marketing world!



Hello! I’m Carly Howell and I’m a senior at UF majoring in Advertising and English. I am so excited to be interning at Fracture during my last year in Gainesville, and not just because I’ve made a furry friend here at the office. In between Netflix binges, I love to travel and stop at every gelato shop I pass.
I am so happy to be rounding out my college career at a company as unique and innovative as Fracture. Between the people, the product, and the office culture I am one happy camper!



Hey! My name is Jess Simmonds-Short and I am SO pumped to be back for my second semester here at Fracture. I am a junior here at the University of Florida (GO GATORS!!). I am pursuing my Bachelor’s in Marketing and was just accepted to also earn my Masters in International Business. I’m happy to be back in the office with my biggest furry fan, Rajah, and am excited for what the future holds this year.

In my free time, you can find me scooting around campus, grabbing an acai bowl or coffee, and snuggling up with some Netflix. My current latest obsession is Stranger Things (a must watch if you haven’t seen it). When I become a big bad adult, I hope to work in consulting or doing something with marketing strategy and campaigns. It’s great to be back and as always great to be a Florida Gator.



Hi! My name is Lauren Fernandez and I am a third year student at the University of Florida. I am pursuing a B.A. in Public Relations and Master’s in Web Design and Online Communications. This fall, I hope to grasp the ins and outs of digital marketing and continue learning about social media outreach. Fractures are an exceptionally smart and innovative product, and I am excited to learn from the (equally smart and innovative) Fracture team.

I love language. I get incredibly excited about impactful words, good quotes, and strong communication. Aside from googling quotes for every life situation, I spend my free time travelling with friends, cheering on the Florida Gators, and obsessing over social media. I also spend a lot of time thinking about/trying to not think about my diet coke addiction. #help. I am pumped for everything to come this semester, especially the opportunity to grow personally and professionally as a Fracture intern.


Summer 2016 Interns

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Hi! My name is Elise Engle, and I am a senior at the University of Florida studying Journalism with an outside concentration in English. After gaining experience reporting and writing news, I am excited to learn more about marketing and for a chance to create content for such a unique brand.

When I am not at Fracture, I am busy being involved on the University of Florida campus with various student-run organizations. I love networking with my fellow Gators!

My free time is spent tweeting, laughing at doge memes and trying to find a solid gap of time to venture to the nearest coffee shop. I am currently watching Mad Men and the Mindy Project — I like to think I have Don Draper’s creativity and Mindy Kaling’s confidence. Close to my heart are my jewel-red Camaro, and my dog, Cali the Shihpoo.

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Hi, my name is Jess and I am a Junior at the University of Florida studying Marketing! I first heard about Fracture through previous interns, Taylor and Tori, and I am stoked to be a part of the Fracture team! I feel so fortunate to be a part of this team and cannot wait to start working with such a talented group of individuals with such an incredible product.

When I’m not at Fracture you can find me on campus in Turlington Plaza trying to sell Gator Growl tickets or at Sushi Chao eating a spicy tuna don (10/10 would recommend). I spend a lot of my time involved in various organizations on campus – having a positive impact on this campus is very important to me. During my free time I am usually procrastinating my schoolwork by watching Tasty videos, snacking, planning trips and looking for new places to drink coffee. I consider myself a huge foodie and plan to travel the world one meal at a time. My few loves in this world include my chocolate lab, Coco, House of Cards, and chocolate covered anything. I am looking forward to a wonderful summer of learning and fun!

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Hi there! I’m Serina Esquivel and I am a senior at the University of Florida majoring in Advertising and also pursuing a combined-degree in Global Strategic Communication. I’m so excited to contribute to an amazing company, Fracture. Looking at amazing photographs everyday and petting the cutest office dog is a dream come true – love you Rajah.

I love to dance, play guitar, sing in the shower, watch makeup tutorials (#contour), create awesome playlists on Spotify, and watch house hunters. I am bilingual and can speak Korean. I have a passion for eating, petting dogs, and watching movies (especially Marvel). I hope to learn and gain more knowledge from Fracture! Can’t wait for the journey ahead!

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Hello all! My name’s Shay. I recently graduated from UF with a degree in Telecommunications, specializing in Video Production, and a minor in Theatre. I am the very first hybrid intern here at Fracture. Meaning, when I’m all finished up with marketing for the day I walk over into the Fulfillment Room. That’s where the magic happens and your favorite memories are printed on glass, assembled by hand, and sent to your door.

When I’m not at Fracture, you can find me, camera in hand, taking pictures and videos of whatever new adventure I’m on. I absolutely LOVE to travel. Last year, I took an around-the-world trip spanning 11 countries and a cross-country road trip from Cali to Florida. I enjoy listening to podcasts and audiobooks, as well as doing yoga as much as possible.


Spring 2016 Interns



Hey, everyone! My name is Tyler and I’m a senior at the University of Florida studying public relations and dance. I’ve become very interested in the concept of communication – whether it be through words, movement, pictures, music or anything else! This is why I’m so excited to join the Fracture team as a spring 2016 marketing intern. Fractures are such unique products that allow people to share and display their memories in a creative and innovative way. One, that’s really cool and two, I’m all about creativity and sentiment.

I first heard about Fracture from a previous intern, Chelsey. She caught my attention when she told me she was asked her Starbucks order on her first day (even though I recently gave up coffee, a little decaf can’t hurt). After hearing all the amazing things about the company, I knew interning at Fracture would be my top choice to finish off my time here in Gainesville. I can’t wait to learn the ins and outs of marketing for such a unique company and product. I love the office atmosphere and positive company culture. It makes coming in each day exciting and motivates me to produce great work. I can’t wait to see what this semester has in store!



Hey everyone! My name is Eric and I’ve just moved south from the dark, frigid tundra of upstate New York! I recently graduated from Monroe Community College in Visual Communications with a focus in photography and video. I discovered Fracture over the summer through a podcast about one of the founders, Abhi Lokesh, and I was immediately intrigued by the company’s innovation and creativity.

As a photographer, my passion is telling stories through imagery and immortalizing them through compelling mediums. I’m overwhelmed to be a part of Fracture’s team in documenting its environment, people, and unique progress as a growing company. Not only am I excited to expand my skills in social media and marketing, but also the image of the company and how people view Fracture’s wonderful individuals! When I’m away from my desk, I’m either out and about with my camera, spending hours on PhotoShop, or watching Doctor Who! If you watch BBC shows, don’t be a stranger!



Hi! My name is Sophie and I am a junior at the University of Florida majoring in public relations and minoring in history. Some hobbies of mine include watching Netflix, reading mystery novels, and traveling. I studied abroad in Utrecht, Netherlands over the summer and fell in love with the Dutch culture and my bicycle. I’m a high-key Beatles fanatic. I love them almost as much as I love dogs. But in general I enjoy almost every genre of music, and can usually be found listening to Spotify while browsing the web. I’m also very passionate about bagels and coffee (I’m from New York).

I’m really excited to start my internship at Fracture this semester. I love being a part of something so unique and innovative. The small, family-oriented feel of the office makes it a really relaxed and comfortable place to work.


Fall 2015 Interns



First thing’s first, I’m a senior at the University of Florida studying Advertising with a minor in Innovation. I was lucky enough to join the Fracture team over the summer, and had such a great time that I came back this fall! Fracture has already provided me with a mass amount of beneficial training and experience. Next year, I plan to start a graduate program and then go on to work at an agency.

When I’m not at Fracture, you can find me working at Urban Thread, a name brand catalog return store specializing in clothing and home goods. If I had free time, I imagine I would spend it with friends, at the gym, watching Netflix or reading a great book.

I’m so excited to continue interning at Fracture! Working with such great people (and Rajah, the office dog) truly make the time I spend here so great.



Hello! My name is Tori Tippin and I am a junior at the University of Florida. I’m majoring in Marketing and minoring in Entrepreneurship as well as French. I discovered Fracture through a blog post at the business college here at UF and instantly became intrigued by the innovative idea of a Fracture and their awesome company culture.

When I’m not at Fracture, you can find me watching Mad Men, eating chocolate covered espresso beans or searching cheap weekend flights because I love spontaneous adventures. I’m so stoked to intern here and gain in-depth digital marketing experience before I spend my spring semester studying abroad in Paris!



Hi everyone! My name’s Taylor, and I’m a senior at UF majoring in public relations. I’m stoked to begin my time at Fracture because I love how everyone here is so passionate, and I’m excited to explore storytelling through photography. The atmosphere here is unique and comfortable to be in (mostly because of Rajah, the office dog, always looking for a good petting). I hope to expand my knowledge in marketing throughout this semester and to contribute my talents to Fracture in every way possible.

I love to travel. Last summer I studied abroad all over Italy with my inner foodie. I’m an adrenaline junkie. I’ve been skydiving and have climbed huge slabs of rocks in North Carolina. I want to go bungee jumping, hang gliding, parasailing – pretty much anything that involves throwing my body into open air. I LOVE dogs, like an insane amount. In my free time I like to run, read, crochet or watch Netflix, and my favorite shows are Modern Family and American Horror Story.



I am a public relations senior at the University of Florida. My interests include social media, photography and writing. My Pinterest is more organized than my life, and my Instagram is a filtered glimpse into my world. I love taking pictures of my friends, food and puppy, Heineken.

While trying to be the best version of myself everyday, I also like to channel Lauren Conrad’s style, Samantha Jones’ confidence and Olivia Pope’s work ethic. I don’t have a favorite type of music, my Spotify “Your Music” songs range from Avicii to Tom Petty (thanks Mom and Dad.) I consider myself a coffee enthusiast, and like to find coffee spots that have great lattes and even better latte art.

I feel extremely lucky to be a part of the Fracture Marketing Team this semester because of the extremely talented people I get to be around and the extremely innovative product. I am helping market a product that is eco-friendly, cost efficient and beautiful, and that is something I am very proud of.



Hi all, I’m Ariella. I’m a senior at UF studying political science and journalism. I first heard about Fracture through one of my favorite podcasts, and I am excited to start working for such an innovative company. I’m eager to learn how to translate data into personal stories as a marketing intern. In the time my face isn’t illuminated by a laptop, I enjoy attempting to bake complicated French desserts and keeping up with every Kardashian.


Spring 2015 Interns



Hello, I am Andrew. I am super obsessed with cars. I am studying Marketing and I’m an entrepreneur. I currently own a company, Holeshot Heroes, that does automotive photography and I am developing a trading card game with an automotive theme under the same brand name. My company also currently donates 10% of profits to charity. I am interning with Fracture because I heard that I would get free fractures. Just kidding… sort of. Seriously though, I really want to learn more about marketing for my own company and thought I would learn the most from a smaller/cool company than either a large company or a really early startup.



Hi, I’m Bianca. I’m a senior at UF studying Telecommunication News as well as Theatre. I am interning at Fracture because I have a passion for storytelling, and an appreciation for photography. I also have some background in public relations – having worked for a PR firm last summer. That being said, I am excited to be part of the marketing team at Fracture where I can continue to build on my skill sets, and be able to do so at a unique and growing company. Through my internship I hope to learn more about marketing, and how to creatively combine that with the art of storytelling through photographs and/or video. On a more personal note, I love traveling. I’ve seen a good chunk of the world already, but it is only a fraction in comparison to what I have yet to explore. My ideal job in the future is one where I’d get to travel often; wouldn’t that be nice?



Hi! I am Bridget. I am a senior studying Public Relations and I have a minor in Disabilities in Society. I am interning at Fracture for a couple different reasons. First, I think it is a great way for me to learn about marketing in a for profit business versus a nonprofit organization. This past summer I interned at the National Down Syndrome Society and learned a lot about communications and marketing in the nonprofit world. I hope to gain a better perspective on what area I want to enter after graduation. I also wanted to intern at Fracture because I find the product and history of the company to be interesting. I also can’t forget to mention the great office atmosphere and workers at Fracture. A little bit about myself outside of school – I really enjoy riding my bike, listening to music, and anything involved with being outside. This upcoming summer I am going to ride my bike from Maine to Santa Barbara, California with an organization called Bike & Build which benefits the affordable housing cause. I’m super excited and highly recommend you guys check it out!

Looking forward to a great semester!



Hi, I’m Kelly. I’m currently a junior at UF studying Advertising with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I decided to intern at Fracture because my background is so heavily focused in photography and I’m looking to refine existing talents while discovering new ones. I’ve found that applying my skills is the only way to learn and grow in the creative field. On a less serious note, I really love cats and Abraham Lincoln. It kind of started off as a joke but now everyone gives me Abe-related gifts so my apartment is filled with random things with his face plastered on the front. Coffee cups, posters, stickers, cards, socks (coming soon)…the works.


Kelly (Yep, 2 of them)

Hello everyone. My name is Kelly. I’m a third-year student at UF majoring in English. Writing has always been a passion of mine, and I wish to apply those skills here at Fracture. Through this internship I hope to expand my writing experience, applying it in a way I have never done before but am definitely excited about. I’m kind of a geek–I’ve been playing online and some console games since I was in elementary school. Runescape, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Super Smash Brothers Melee…and of course the classic Super Mario games.

Fall 2014 Interns

Internz (2 of 2)


Hi! My name is Kristi, and I’m an advertising senior at UF. I ordered a Fracture as a gift and when I came to pick up my order, I fell in love with the awesome atmosphere (and Rajah, the office dog, who greeted me at the door). I applied for an internship hoping they had open spots, and here I am today!

As a photographer, it’s really awesome to be able to work for a place that lets me read, write and share all things photography-related. The brand’s personality is really energetic and fun, and I’m so excited to learn about marketing and be apart of it!

Also, did I mention how cute Rajah is?

Internz (1 of 2)


Hey peeps! I am a fourth-year advertising major at the University of Florida and boy does time fly. I LOVE to travel! Ever since I studied abroad in London my sophomore year the travel bug latched on to me. I’m always looking for my next adventure which very well might be skydiving! My favorite shows are Sex and the City, The Walking Dead and of course Game of Thrones (is winter here yet?)!

I found out about Fracture’s internship through UF’s College of Journalism newsletter, when I browsed through their website and Pinterest (fun fact: I am addicted to Pinterest) this seemed right up my alley! I applied and got the internship! After my first week here I am already loving the work environment and the people I work with. I am excited to learn more about digital marketing and more of the analytical aspects of social media.

Internz (3 of 1)


Hi there! My name is Daniella and I’m a journalism senior at the University of Florida. I started interning at Fracture this summer and liked working here so much that I decided to continue for another semester. I’m excited to learn even more about digital marketing and content creation, as well as work with the best team and office dog, Rajah, ever.

Internz (4 of 1)


Hello! My name is Aleece and I’m a recent University of Florida graduate with a degree in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience. In undergrad, I embarked on a marine ecological expedition (a cool way of saying studying abroad) and realized that instead of scientific ventures I was more suited to writing about my adventures, photography and the studying of human and animal behavior. So here I am at Fracture applying these skills and interests to digital marketing!

In the midst of my post-grad-boredom crisis I happened to stumble upon Fracture through the University of Florida career website and the rest is history. I’m most excited to approach digital marketing and analytics from a psychological standpoint and to learn from the awesome staff here. Excited to see what adventures await as a Fracture Intern!


Summer 2014 Interns



Hello all! I am a journalism senior at the University of Florida. I first heard about Fracture through my visual journalism professor, Steve Johnson. After seeing Fractures in his office, I decided to look into the company and product further.

I like interning at Fracture because I think the office environment is great and conducive to learning: from the friendly team to Rajah, the office dog. I’m excited to learn the ins and outs of digital marketing and can’t wait to help with some of the marketing myself.



I accidentally found out about an internship at Fracture while I was ordering a Fracture for Mother’s Day. I was checking out the blog when I came across an intern page and I figured it couldn’t hurt to apply, so I did and somehow I got the internship. I’m still not sure how that happened, but I’ll take it.

I’m a journalism major at UF, and I honestly never imagined getting an internship in my second semester but I’m very excited to be part of Fracture’s team. Everyone at the company is very knowledgeable, and I can’t wait to write blog posts and learn more about marketing. Rajah, the office dog, is also a plus.



My name is Sam Schwab and I am currently a senior at the University of Florida working towards a Bachelor’s in Marketing. I was born and raised in sunny South Florida and went to high school at Coral Springs High. I have some family in Poland, so I hope to study abroad there before I graduate.

My decision to work at Fracture all started when my mother would incessantly bug me on the importance of interning for my last summer of college. Luckily I got her to stop when UF sent out an e-mail of companies in Gainesville who still needed interns for the summer. I swiftly applied to the first company, and have had incredible luck ever since that day.

This summer I am mostly excited to work with the fun, enthusiastic group of people employed at Fracture and their adorable office puppy. Over the course of the internship I hope to gain some understanding of what it takes to make a company successful and how to gain a loyal customer.

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Hey! I’m Catie. I love cats, hummus, jumping on trampolines and most of all, The Walking Dead. I graduated UF almost three years ago with a degree in sociology and I’ve been trying to figure out my life ever since. I’m interning at Fracture because they are awesome and I wanted to be apart of the awesomeness. I also want to gain digital marketing and social media experience. I am most excited about writing blog posts and being creative. I am also pretty psyched about learning all sorts of marketing and social media stuff since for the most part it’s pretty new to me. So let’s get started!

Spring 2014 Interns



I found Fracture after another long night aimlessly browsing the internet. I’m a sociology sophomore trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. A sociology major working as a marketing intern seemed a little weird, but thankfully ‘weird’ is what Fracture is all about. I was nervous and shy at first, but I love the office environment and how everyone seems to genuinely like each other. The office dog and breakfast on Fridays are also a plus. Although I’m still trying to figure my life out (it’s a process), the Fracture team is fabulous and I’m happy to be here!



Hiya kids! Hear ye my Fracture story. I first came across Fracture in the beginning of January during my last spring semester ever (sad, I know). I had just gotten a glimpse of my post-grad life in Miami, gotten a car, and eaten a lot of Cuban food. Cut to add/drop week of classes— it’s 27 degrees, and I want need an internship to end my undergraduate studies more than anything.

Fortunately, I found Fracture. After my interview, where I was told to never dress so fancy again (I looked pretty fancy), everything rolled smoothly. The Fracture team is incredibly welcoming, as are their office and company lunches on Wednesdays. Graduation freak-outs aside, I couldn’t be happier to be a part of the Fracture team. Office dog included.



I was first interested in Fracture when I walked past the office downtown and was greeted by commissioned graffiti in the foyer. Right then I promised myself that I have to eventually work there, no matter what it took. A year later, once I ordered my first Fracture I purposefully made it a pick-up order so I can scope the place out. Immediately I was welcomed with a great atmosphere, and better yet, an office dog. On the spot I asked if there were any internship positions available, and you can tell that was successful since you’re reading my intern bio.