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Valentine’s Day is over, but for many newly engaged couples, now is the time to start planning engagement photos and sending out those save-the-dates. A good photographer will have some poses in mind for your engagement shoot, but if you’re looking for some simple ideas, here are some of our favorites, all graciously provided by the incredible Shelly Williams! Help us thank Shelly by following her on Instagram here.

Before you meet with your photographer, be as familiar as possible with your location. If there is anything in particular that stands out, use it. Whether it’s a water fountain or unique architecture, incorporate it into your background.


Mind your footwear before your photo session. Adorable shots like this add character to your wedding invitations.


Find a good spot where the environment can be tightly knit around you. Nature elements are ideal, but get creative.


More often guys will have a hard time smiling in front of a camera, so poses like this are ideal to get the best expression possible. Having him look off-camera or at his fiancee makes it easier for him to show off a natural smile.


Engagement rings are always a must to capture! Simple shots like this can be done by embracing your partner around their arm, waist, or shoulders. Be sure to show off that stunning rock!


At some point during your session making eye contact with the camera will be essential for variety. Try to avoid the static, looking straight at the camera approach, and make your poses more fun and relaxed.


Some of the best black and white photos are simple candid motions. A kiss on the forehead or a wholehearted laugh are precious moments. Be natural in front of the camera and don’t hold back on the moment.


Up close and intimate are some of the best poses to try out.  Something like this only requires a soft embrace and relaxed expressions. Having your eyes closed makes this pose dramatic.


The best time to schedule your engagement photos is during golden hour. Any photographer knows that the hour before sunset provides the best lighting for photos. If your photographer asks you to meet at a specific time, take it seriously. Your photographer can capture some of the most magical moments when the sun is just right.


There can never be enough moments to show how much you love your significant other. If you’re cold, hug your partner for warmth or whisper something in his or her ear to make them laugh.

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