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Some fantastic ideas to try here!

As summer quickly approaches, the beach toys, towels, and sunblock are getting packed for a summer by the sea

Now is the time whip on your best white shirt and khaki pants and get down to the beach and take some adorable family pictures. We’ve picked our favorite poses to add some fun twists to your family beach pictures!

1. Beautiful backdrops

Grab a cute swimsuit & sandals for your little ones and have a photo shoot! Add a cute backdrop such as a fun umbrella or colorful wall to incorporate a creative background. Pro tip: coordinate the colors of the background with the outfit you’re wearing for an extra pop!

2. Angle from above

Grab a colorful tapestry or blanket and try taking a picture from above! This angle is very flattering & allows a fresh new perspective.

3. Bring the beach to you

Want to try out all of these poses but don’t live near the beach? Don’t worry! You can easily make your own beach out of a tan & light blue beach towel, for a unique spin on these creative pictures!

4. Puppy lovin’ had me a blast!

Let your family pet come along to the photoshoot! Our pets are some of our most important family members, so why not let them join in on the fun?


5. Cut out the color

For a timeless and classic look, after taking your photos try adding a black and white filter on them.

6. Mark your memories

Write your family name, year, or location in the sand and put your hand or feet prints next to it! This is a great way to capture your family- especially if you have kids.

Pro tip: For those newlyweds, add your wedding ring in the sand on your handprint. Great for personalized thank you cards!

7. Being candid is key

Often some of the best shots are the one you aren’t posing for. So tell your photographer to snap away and see what you can get!

8. When the day is done…

….incorporate the sunsets into your pictures! The beaches all over the world have some of the most incredible sunsets you will ever see. Try capturing that splendid moment & featuring your family’s silhouettes into the picture!

9. The goofier the better!

If you have crazy, goofy kids, let them let their personalities shine! Give them some time just to play and be kids, you’ll be surprised at all the fun shots you get.

10. Love the local landmarks

Live near a historic lighthouse, colorful lifeguard stand, or rustic pier? Incorporate these into your pictures! It will make your pictures stand out & give it a unique feel.


11. Color your crew

Bring some props to the beach with you and work them into your pictures. Pick items that are bright and colorful for a fun pop!

12. Angles are everything

Use your props that you bring to add some humor to your pictures. Think Honey I Shrunk the Kids!

13. Reflect your personality

Try taking a picture of your sunglasses with you and your family in the background. Your friends and family will be envious of your cool and trendy snapshot!

 14. Family first

Capture the breathtaking views with your family as the focus.

Oldham Family (32)copy

15. The more creative the better!

Don’t be afraid to try out your own crazy poses and use personalized techniques.


Our most important tip: have fun! Summer is the perfect time to have some of your most special moments with your family.

A special shoutout to the AMAZING photographers who let us use their photos for our post! Check out some of their work below.




Have any cool family pictures you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

More great beach family shots from Instagram:

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