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With a new year, come resolutions and goals to better yourself. Usually at the start of a year, one looks back and thinks on how they should improve as a person and reflect on what they were able to accomplish in the span of 12 months.

We think these photography-related apps will help you reach your potential and start off the year right:

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Heirloom helps you scan your old photos with your smartphone, eliminating the need for a desktop scanner. All you have to do is lay the photo on a flat surface and capture it with the app’s camera. The app does the rest! It will automatically crop your photo and correct any distortion that may have been caused from taking the photo.

The nice thing about Heirloom is it lets you organize and share your photos with only the people you want to share them with. Sharing these intimate memories are great for reflecting on milestones and thinking about what you should do for years to come.

(To learn more about how the app works, be sure to check out our Heirloom App Review!)



Day One is an app that helps record your life in the moment.

The digital diary and journaling app allows users to save text, add photos, tags, hashtags, GPS coordinates and even weather information to entries. You are also able to edit posts later.

We think this personal micro-blogging platform is a perfect way to start tracking the things you’ve done this year, and is great for when you decide to look back and see the amazing things you’ve done!



OKDOTHIS is a social networking app for photographers – from beginners to pros – who want to share their work with the world.

The app allows users to edit their photos and search other user’s photos. While some may think this sounds exactly like Instagram, the difference is this app hopes to stop the redundancy of photos found on competing websites.

No more coffee pictures, instead, expect to see user-uploaded images that will inspire you to take on new things.

The app allows users to tag activities or terms, such as “look up” or “portraits,” so that other users can then search for images with those terms.

What apps do you think are helpful for starting 2015 on a positive foot? Let us know on Twitter


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Daniella de la Campa

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