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This is the final blog post written by our Fall 2014 Intern Kristi! Enjoy!

My New Year’s Resolution for 2014 probably didn’t differ much from yours. Essentially, I wanted to become a better version of myself.

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Sure, I aimed to accomplish the typical goals like get in shape and do well in school — but I specifically made a point to improve my skill when it came to photography. Just after Christmas last year, I bought a baby blue photo album with the words “Your Year in Photos” etched in gold on the front cover and only 365 photo slots inside it. I promised myself if I spent the money on the album, I would have to take a photo every single day in 2014, beginning January 1st.

365 days later, I’ve completed that goal.

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Some days were really inspirational, while some days I completely lacked motivation. There were some days that I went out and explored just for the sake of taking a photo for the day that I could really be proud of, but there were other days where I had to grumpily push blankets off me after I had already gotten into bed for the night because I realized I had forgotten to take a picture earlier.

I remember one day in particular where I was doing laundry and accidentally stained a brand new pair of red sheets with fabric softener. I texted a picture of the stain to my mom (because moms know all) asking how to get the stain out, and failed to take a picture for the rest of the day. An iPhone picture of fabric softener-stained red sheets is my picture for July 2. Oops.

But I also remember, on March 10, I decided to take the long way home as I walked to downtown Gainesville from campus. I walked past the Church of Holy Colors, and an artist was welding an art piece inside. The sparks flying in front of him and reflecting in his protective eyewear looked especially intriguing seen through a window bordered by colorful panels, and I stopped to take about 30 pictures before I could continue my walk.

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Some of my favorite photos were taken in the later half of the year during my time at Fracture. Aside from photos of Rajah, the office dog, being adorable, many of the photo slots in my album have Fracture #Selfies and photos of gift cards decked out for the holidays in them. I have photos I took from experimenting with iPhone apps so I could write reviews about them. I was even pleasantly surprised with photos I took using an iPhone lens for a Fracture blog review, which I can credit for opening my eyes to the world of iPhoneography.

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Has this project made me a better photographer? Maybe. Maybe not. But it definitely made me more ambitious, and I learned that the best camera you have is the one that’s on you. It undoubtedly made me more passionate about taking photos, no matter what kind of camera I’m using. This project has made photography a habit more than a hobby — I see something cool and I need to take a picture of it — so I’m sure that I’ll be shooting a lot more frequently as a result, which is a habit I’m grateful to have grown.

Not all of my pictures this year were great, but I’m still proud of a lot of them. Some were taken more for the sake of making memories tangible rather than for the sake of being artistic, which in a way makes them more special to me. The fact that the spine of my year-old baby blue photo album is stretched out due to the pages being filled to capacity is something to be proud of in itself.

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If you’re looking for a project to take on in 2015, try taking a photo per day! You’ll have a memory from every day of the year, be able to document milestones, and have a permanent keepsake of your commitment to the project.

Happy 2015!

What projects will you be working on next year? Whether it’s as small as growing a basil plant or as big as embarking on a motor-trip around the world, let us know on Twitter

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  1. JPThompson
    January 8, 2015 at 12:04 am

    Kristi is talented and passionate. Best of luck!

    My own goals are modest, but with some luck and perseverance…
    Just as in Kristi’s blog post – a shot a day. For me, sunrise and sunsets are always available. Some underwater shots now that I have a waterproof case fro the iPhone…and if it works out then get the larger sized for the Canon PowerShot A590IS.
    Sell at least 10 shots…preferably more. Including an underwater using Facture’s process and services. I’d like to clear maybe a grand…or more. Many things are possible.