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 We typed “better baby photos” into Google and found 998,000,000 results appear on the screen in .28 seconds. Who has time to dig through all of that? Not you!

We’ve collected the 6 best baby photography tips for amateur photographers and put them all right here.

1. Use natural and indirect light
If you need added light in your shot, bounce light by tilting your flash toward the ceiling, the wall behind/to the side of you, or toward someone wearing a white shirt. The direct flash can be very harsh, and this technique helps to keep the photo more natural.

Make Your Baby Photos Even Better

2. ZOOM in

Use little or no background space, remove clutter surrounding your baby, and try isolating one part of the body (feet, eyes, ears, hands…). This will keep the attention focused on the baby. It’s the little things.

Make Your Baby Photos Even Better

3. Open aperture, narrow your focus

This will allow for focus on one part of your baby while blurring the edge, making for a softer image with little distractions. The more open the aperture, the more narrow the point of focus. Try something between f2.8 and f4.


4. Get down on their level
Capture images in their world. Align yourself and your camera with your baby to get photos from their perspective. You’ll get great shots of your baby’s eyes, even if there’s no direct eye contact. Then play around with some other angles.


5. Remove color
Reducing the color or making the image black & white accentuates the baby’s softness. It also lessens the distractions from splotchiness and marks.


6. Be prepared for a good mood
Happy babies make better pictures, so be ready to go when that moment comes. However, snap some shots of all the moments in between because a look of surprise, or even a frown, can be cute too.

Make Your Baby Photos Even Better


Feel free to share your own baby photography tips with us by commenting below!

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– The Fracture Team


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