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Wishing to have photoshop with many editing tools right in the palms of your hands? Look no further, introducing PicsArt,

What is PicsArt, exactly?

PicsArt is just that – a photo studio with endless options. PicsArt offers more than just generic filters. It’s basically a free Photoshop where you can create anything you want. From weird and distorted to chic and airbrushed there are hundreds of editing tools to choose from. You can even read up on photography tips on PicsArt.

Should I use this app?

I really don’t know who wouldn’t like this app. Maybe if you’re new to smartphone-ography, and you find too many choices a bit overwhelming, this app may be TOO powerful for you. It has a lot under the hood.

What does it do exactly?

I downloaded PicsArt on my phone and played around with its effects and features for myself. I dug up my study abroad pictures from Italy to practice with.

Untitled design

Following the original picture, the effects are Old Paper, Text and Holga 2.

Like Photoshop, you can add images on top of each other to create a whole new picture. I used a picture of my dog, Mitzi, to show what it would be like if she traveled with me to Venice. In the first picture she is watching over the city like the “guard dog” she is. In the second picture, if you look closely, she is cruising along in the gondola.

Untitled design copy 2

Here’s another picture of wine tasting in Sicily, Italy.app review picsart


Following the original picture, the effects are Perspective, Stenciler 7 and HDR 1.

After some more exploring on the app, I found that you can connect with people too. You can discover inspiring artists, share your images and see what images are trending. With over 250 million downloads, there are plenty of people to connect with. You can enter contests for the awesome artwork you create on PicsArt.

What are the pros?

The app is very user friendly and easy to navigate. Download the app and see for yourself just what you can discover with your repertoire of photos. PicsArt doesn’t just edit your photo; it transforms it into a masterpiece.

Are there any cons?

There are not many cons to say, however the new updates maybe a little more confusing and there may also be glitches.

How much does this app cost?

The app is free, but you can purchase cool themes in the “Shop” section.

Where is the app available?

PicsArt is available for iOS and Android phones.

Have you tried PicsArt? Like it? Love it? Let us know!

The Author

Taylor Russell

Taylor Russell

Digital Marketing Intern for Fracture. Equal parts dog lover and adrenaline junkie. Bungee jumping is next on the list.