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Taking pictures with your phone’s camera is second nature. What would be crazy is taking a picture on your phone, through a camera app. It’s much easier to just swipe up to open your camera than search for an app on your phone. Sometimes we have little time to snap a picture because the subject is only there for a quick moment. However, if you have the time, you may want to reconsider what you use to take pictures on your phone, you might just want to use this app.

What is Camera+, exactly?

Camera+ is a photo editing app and a great camera combined. It offers different features compared to other editing apps, such as adjusting the white balance and duotone options. When taking a picture through the app, you can click and drag a box anywhere on the screen to focus on one spot. At the same time, you have the option to pinpoint the source of exposure, creating a custom setting for your picture.

Should I use this app?

You should use Camera+ if you enjoy iPhoneography and are looking for a way to enhance the camera features on your phone. It’s simple enough for anyone to navigate and helpful if you want to improve your picture-taking or editing skills.

What does it do exactly? 

After downloading Camera+, you can either choose photos to upload from your camera roll or take pictures through the app’s camera. Our favorite features the camera has are the photo flashlight, different shooting modes, and touch exposure and focus. You can use the photo flashlight as a constant light to improve the quality of your photos. The different shooting modes include a stabilizer, timer, and a burst mode. The touch exposure and focus features give the user the ability to set the exposure separate from the focus.

The effects tab gives users the ability to enhance and edit their photos. The most helpful tools are the different scene modes such as portrait, food, cloudy, sunset, and more. The scene modes are the most advantageous to those who don’t know how to manually edit a photo, the presets in the app solve this problem. To add, there are 36 filters to choose from and you can layer different filters over the images to create custom effects.

When you upgrade to the pro version of Camera+, you are given access to the advanced editing lab. Some of our favorite features in the editing lab include adjustments for the white balance, duotones, and soft focus. If you upload a JPEG image, you can use the raw lab, which has additional features for editing curves and noise reduction.

What are the pros?

If you are comparing this app to other similar apps, Camera+ stands out because of its custom camera settings and editing features. For example, the touch exposure and focus modes are less common in other editing apps.

Are there any cons?

To receive the full benefits of the app, you have to pay for the pro version. The pro version allows access to the advanced editing lab and you can also pay for additional filters and frames.

How much does the app cost?

There is a Camera+ free version, which is still very useful, but if you want to access the advanced editing lab, you have to pay for pro version.  For iPhones, the pro version is $2.99, and for iPads, it is $4.99 to upgrade.

Where is the app available?

You can download Camera+ on your iPhone and iPad. However, the app is not available for Androids and Windows phones.

Anything else?

I definitely recommend trying the free version of the Camera+ app first. For many people this will be more than adequate for their photo-editing needs. 

What are your thoughts on Camera+?


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Taylor Wilson

Taylor Wilson

Taylor is a digital marketing intern for Fracture and a fourth-year public relations major at the University of Florida. When she's not working at Fracture, you may find her playing beach volleyball or editing videos from her latest adventure.