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We all have that one old photograph hanging up or tucked away somewhere that we wish we had easy digital access to. Photomyne makes that a reality.

We all have that one photograph hanging up or tucked away somewhere that we wish we had easy digital access to. Whether it be to post on Facebook or even order a print, having that photo available on your phone would make things a whole lot simpler. Photomyne makes that a reality.

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What is Photomyne, exactly?

Photomyne is an app that allows you to scan physical photos right onto your mobile device. It can automatically crop photos you scan, and you can create an unlimited amount of albums to store the photos. The app also allows you to edit, save, and share the pictures straight from your device.

Should I use this app?

You should use Photomyne if you have more than one physical photo you would like to have scanned onto your mobile device. Whatever your reason is for wanting a digital copy, this app will help you get one.


What does it do exactly?

You probably want to scan your photo first. As soon as you open the app, there are a couple of button options at the bottom. Simply click the “scan” button at the bottom of the home page, and hold it down for three seconds. This will capture the photo.

Don’t worry about aligning the photo perfectly in the camera. The app will take care of the cropping!

Once you scan for the first time, the app will automatically create a new album. You can edit details of the album, like the title and date. The buttons within the album make it simple and easy to add new photos, download photos, or even share the album.

When you click on an individual photo, you have a few options to play around with, as shown at the bottom of the screen.

The button on the far left allows for a variety of basic options including deleting, editing, sharing, and saving.

If you don’t like the automatic cropping from the app, simply click on the crop button (the second to the left) to adjust it how you’d like.

The middle button provides the sharing options. Whether you want to share it via text, email, Facebook, or another channel, the photo can be shared with the click of a button.

The “star” button (or editing button) allows you to choose filters and enhancements to put on top of your scanned photos.

What are the pros?

Essentially, this app allows for unlimited albums, photo saving, and photo backup. You can free up space on your device while still backing up your photos, and you can access them on the Photomyne website.

Are there any cons?

In order to get all of the benefits, you have to purchase the full version of the app.

How much does the app cost?

The original app

Free vs Paid

There’s a free version (Photo Scanner Lite), which is still very useful for understanding the app and what it offers, but it only allows up to three albums and 10 scanned photos to your device. You can pay $4.99 to upgrade to the pro version.

Where is the app available?

You can get it on your iPhone or Android, and you can also access your photos from the Photomyne website.

Anything else?

As a photo-oriented company, apps like these are special to us. Some of my personal favorite photos are ones I’ve had hung up in my room for a decade but have no idea where or if there is a digital copy. Photomyne provided a great way for me to scan those photos and turn them into something even more special. The next time I need a gift for a family member, I’ll definitely use Photomyne to scan an old photo and upload it to make a Fracture!

Have you ever used Photomyne? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

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Anna Cappelli

Anna Cappelli

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