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Check out this app review on Pixelmator!

All day every day most of us have incredibly good cameras right in our pockets or purses, but that doesn’t mean every moment we capture is picture-perfect automatically.

Sometimes they need a little bit of loving care to bring out their best.

That’s why we’re always trying out different photo apps to help keep you in the loop on all the ways you can help make the most of the moments you capture. Here’s the latest, from our intern, Natalia.
– Drew

What is Pixelmator?

Pixelmator is an easy-to-use, layer-based app that provides a range of editing options. It has features for things like retouching, adjusting colors, adding effects, paint features, and more. Because Pixelmator gives you a canvas-like feel, you can let your creativity run wild.

Should I use this app? 

You should use this app if you want a start-to-finish editing process and only want to rely on one software. Pixelmator is simple enough for everyday use but makes your images look professional.

What does it do exactly? 

When you open the app, you’re able to choose from changing how the feed looks or beginning the editing process. The app has several different tools like paint, erase, retouch, distort, adjust colors, add effects, select, crop, and format.

By featuring all of this on one screen, Pixelmator provides a seamless experience for the user. Within each option, there are pre-made filters, text options, layer images, and add-in shapes.

What are the pros? 

I think what makes this app great is that it’s super simple to use and anybody can make the most of it. Pixelmator almost always leaves you with a better image than the one you started with. Whether you consider yourself an editing pro or beginner, everyone can get something out of this app.

Are there any cons? 

I think what would turn people away the most is the initial cost. While the app provides editing options, the features are not incredibly unique.

How much does the app cost? 

Pixelmator is $4.99 for the iPhone app. If you use it and end up loving the app, it’s available on Mac for $29.99. For those willing to invest in a top-of-the-line option for Mac, Pixelmator Pro is $59.99.

Where is the app available? 

The app is only available for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, and Mac.) Pixelmator does not have an Android or a Windows counterpart.

Anything else? 

All three versions of Pixelmator (iOS, Mac, and Pixelmator Pro on Mac) work and build off each other. Each upgrade brings more creative freedom. Even though they become expensive, they provide more options for those seeking enhanced editing tools.

The three programs have a hand-off system, so if you start editing on a Mac, you can continue editing on an iPhone. The versions are also compatible with iCloud and functional with Adobe Photoshop. By only being available for Apple products, Pixelmator allows for split-view functions with the iPad, iPhone, and Mac apps.

Pixelmator believes in “creating the best and most powerful image editing app that anyone can use and enjoy,” and with each upgrade, they’re working to do just that.

Have you ever used Pixelmator? Share your experience below!

The Author

Natalia Veray

Natalia Veray

Digital marketing intern and third-year public relations student at the University of Florida. Interested in all things account management, content creation and strategic communication.