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We would all like to assume that we have the proper skills and technology to professionally edit our photos, whether or not we actually have the formal training. Simply knowing how to use tools like Photoshop make you seem like you really know what you’re doing. Lucky for us, SKRWT is a photography app that helps us look like we know what we’re doing without all the complicated processes.

What is SKRWT, exactly?

SKRWT is a perspective and lens correction app that helps you distort or enhance your photos with a couple of clicks. SKRWT also comes with two other features: MRRW and 4PNTS. MRRW creates mirroring effects, and 4PNTS allows for a hands-on approach to adjusting corners within a photo.

Should I use this app?

You should use this app if you love symmetry and want a quick and easy way to change the perspective of your photo. This app is an easy way to avoid common photography mistakes. Just upload, scan, or add your photo and get started!

How do you pronounce it? 

This is clearly a unique word that requires some pronunciation explanation. Believe it or not, the correct way to pronounce SKRWT is “screw it” according to the producers. See below.

What does it do exactly?

The picture on the far left displays the original photo from my camera roll and the first five editing options. The arrow button allows you to reset all editing. The rest of the photos in this series coincide with the following editing buttons.

The second button turns the photo. For instance, the original photo was taken at an angle, so by turning it, you could straighten the background landscape of buildings or angle them even more.

The third button pulls the right and left sides forward and backward. Notice how the first picture was taken from the right side, and the third photo appears to be taken from straight on.

The fourth button does the same exact thing as the third but for the top and bottom side instead of left and right.

The fifth button has four perspective choices: mobile, wide, fisheye, and GoPro. These effects can stretch the outsides of the photo or even bulge the middle.

The picture on the far left displays the original photo and the next first five editing options. The rest of the photos in this series coincide with the following editing buttons.

The first button allows you to stretch the photo either vertically or horizontally.

The second button flips the photo either vertically or horizontally.

The third button turns the whole photo by 90 degrees.

The fourth button darkens or lightens the outsides of the photo.

There is also an auto-cropping button, a manual cropping button, and a grid-placing button in addition to the sharing option at the very bottom of the screen.

If you click on the sharing button, the screen on the far left appears. In addition to sharing and saving the photo, you can also access it in SKWRT’s other two features: the orange MRRW and the red 4PNTS.

MRRW has five total mirroring options for perfect symmetry lovers.

4PNTS has four corner editing options with an editing button in the middle that lets you adjust the photo as a whole.

What are the pros?

You should use this app if you’re interested in adjusting the perspective of your photos in an easy way that appears professional.

Are there any cons?

If you want to save any changes you’ve made using MRRW or 4PNTS in full resolution, you have to buy the extensions separately.

How much does the app cost? 

The app itself costs $1.99 and comes with the two extensions of MRRW and 4PNTS. If you want to save your photos in full resolution after using either extension, you have to purchase them each for $0.99.

Where is the app available?

This app requires iOS 8.0 or later. You can get it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Anything else?

We can’t all be professional editors, but we can all pretend to be.

Share your photos edited with SKRWT in the comments below!

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Anna Cappelli

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