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Amazing photo spots in Seattle

I’ve been to Seattle twice. And I have a conspiracy theory about the city. Everyone talks about how much it rains there. All the time, dreary and rainy.

During the two total weeks I’ve spent there, it was 70 degrees, sunny, breezy and downright beautiful. Not a single drop of rain.

It makes me wonder if the rainy rumors are just there to keep everyone from flocking to live in Seattle…

I asked Seattle resident and professional photographer Victoria Wright to capture and share some of Seattle’s most gorgeous views and photo ops. Here’s what she found. – Drew

Seattle has much to offer when you’re out exploring, camera in hand. I have my favorites spots, but there is so much more to see. Hop in a car, on a ferry boat, or explore on foot— you’ll be surprised at how much beauty is tucked away in this city and region.

Maybe it’s the views like these that keep me coming back to Seattle in the summer. So many different views to find, and they’re all beautiful. Thank you so much, Victoria for sharing your unique perspectives and photos.

What’s your favorite photo spot in Seattle? Show us in the comments.

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The Author

Victoria Wright

Victoria Wright

Victoria Wright is a lifestyle and travel photographer living in Seattle, WA. She helps global brands — including Apple, Airbnb and REI — tell compelling stories through photography. For more of her work, visit veekster.com.