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Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by the photo above. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. You’re about to take the most incredible shot and then you realize your storage is at max capacity. So you frantically delete pictures and then, when you finally have space, you miss the moment. Ugh.

After some thorough research, we’ve got you covered with the best apps to keep your camera roll clean, organized and ready to snap all of your best moments. Whether you’re team iPhone or team Android, you won’t miss a thing.

1. Flic – Free!

Think: Tinder for your camera roll. With the interface resembling Tinder almost identically, Flic is extremely easy to navigate. After allowing the app access to your photos, you are directed to the last photo you took with simple directions of how to start “Flic”-ing. Simply swipe left to trash the photo, or swipe right to keep it.

The cool thing about this app is that when you “trash” a photo, Flic tells you how much room you’re clearing up on your phone. It places the photos in your trash bin (located on the top left of your screen). Post swiping-frenzy, review your trash bin and empty it. Voilà, you’ve officially Flic’d your phone!

Flic is available for iOS and Android products, and to make things even more convenient, it’s free to download.

2. Cleen for iOS – Free!

This app is pretty similar to Flic, but it’s free. Cleen utilizes three types of swiping zones: up to “Favorite” (or keep), down to “Trash” and left for “Later.” Once you enter the main screen, your photos are separated into different existing categories/albums. You can then pick the album you want to work on and go from there. For example, in my iPhone, I have albums from the Snapchat, Instagram, VSCO Cam and my GoPro app. With this setup, I can keep my photos that much more *cleen.*

I recommend this app to those who are particularly picky or skeptical about which photos to keep or delete. With Cleen, you’ll probably contemplate your photos for longer. I found myself swiping them to “Later” pretty often because it was an easier decision than to keep or delete.

Cleen is only available on iOS products (sorry, Android users!) and is free to download.


3. Gallery Doctor – Free!

Gallery Doctor is an app that’s smart enough to predict your deleting behavior. The app detects photos that are easily recognizable as duplicates, blurry or simply bad quality photos.

It’s meant to clean up your camera roll on its own, but if you’re not comfortable giving your phone that much freedom, the beauty of it is you’re not required to! The app will show you what it thinks but won’t make the deleting action until you’ve reviewed and approved it.

With the help of these apps, your camera roll will soon boast only your best photos. But what good is there in capturing your favorite memories if they remain hidden in your phone? Celebrate your story by turning your favorite photos into Fractures to decorate your walls, display on your desk, or gift to the ones you love.

If you’re team Android, you’re in luck. Gallery Doctor is only available for Android products and is free to download.

What’s your favorite app for cleaning out your photos? Let us know in the comments!


The Author

Monica Compte

Monica Compte

Digital Marketing Intern for Fracture.