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Our friends at Macphun have given us the opportunity to try out their awesome photo editing program Intensify Pro, the professional version of their Intensify software. After trying it out, we couldn’t wait to share our thoughts with all of you, Fracture fans. Intensify allows you to boost the colors and details of your photographs to create more interesting and dynamic images. Both amateur and professional photographers and editors will be able to appreciate the features of Intensify, as it includes everything from a great variety of preset filters to advanced contrast, detail, and exposure adjustment tools. Intensify even offers the ability to apply multiple layers of effects to an image to create the perfect final product.

We loved how Intensify brought out the beauty of small details in the photographs we tested it on. The changes you make with Intensify can range from extremely subtle to intense and dramatic. Check out the examples below if you want to see how we used Intensify to edit a few test images!

Example #1 Before Intensify Pro:


Example #1 After Intensify Pro:


Example #2 Before Intensify:


Example #2 After Intensify: 


As you can see from our test images, Intensify helped us bring out the small details in our pictures. We especially loved the detail and depth it brought out in the sky, clouds, and snow in our test images, since details in the highlights of a shot are often hard to capture.

If you want to try out Intensify, head on over to Macphun’s product page at http://macphun.com/intensifypro. You can even try it for free before committing to purchasing the full product! Macphun offers two versions of Intensify, a standard version as well as a professional version, Intensify Pro. While the standard version is great for casual photographers, the pro version adds some great additional features and integration and complete compatibility with other commonly used photo editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop, making it ideal choice for photography professionals.

Happy editing,

The Fracture Team

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