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Hey! My name is Ryan and I’m a Los Angeles based photographer – but also husband, dad, musician, and vehement lover of baked crunchy sushi rolls.

I’ve lived in California for all but 2 years of my life. Growing up in the more mountainous area, and now living in coastal Southern California, I can pretty confidently say there is no definitive California experience. There are so many different things to see, types of people, combinations of cultures, and beauty to appreciate. This is a southern California (mostly) experience with views, iconic locations, and small details that my eyes are drawn to. Then I had to throw in some Yosemite and Eastern Sierras because I can’t help myself.

Even with all of this, it’s not scratching the surface of all California has to offer. Enjoy!

A California-sized thank you is due to Ryan for contributing these incredible photos to the Fracture Blog! – Drew

It’s your turn! Share your best Golden Coast photos below in the comments.


The Author

Ryan Longnecker

Ryan Longnecker

I grew up where the summers stuck on your skin like honey and lemonade. I grew up in a valley surrounded by the giants of nature and beauty of silence. I am a professional Los Angeles-based freelance outdoor photographer, brand ambassador, and visual storyteller.