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They’ve revolutionized photo-sharing.  Let’s give a big applause to Instagram.  Being able to instantly edit photos with great-looking filter stamps can make even the old school photographer want some snapping action on this.

Fracture pictuerd is 20x20 inches

Here at Fracture, we couldn’t resist but challenge our printer to do it’s best on some Instagram photos.  So you can imagine how pumped we were when we saw the result.  Instagram photos look hella good Fractured!  So good, that I just used the word “hella.”

The Fractures pictured are the 10", 12", and 18" square.

So get on it guys!  Go through those Instagram photos that your friends and family liked, and let our printer do it’s magic and set free your images from their tiny glass screen prisons : )


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Drew Allen

Drew Allen

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